Mathew 22:37 ...with His will it is done. I value compassion love and hope.
I am 25 years not 23 as

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friendship, cooking, bible study and anything new
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As Christians, we believe that God has set out a path for us.Through His grace and with His guidance, we make decisions throughout our lives that ultimately put us in the right place at the right time to fulfill His plans.Sharing your life with another person is one of the most beautiful things that God has willed into our lives.Coming together as two parts of a whole can fulfill you in ways never before imagined.Finding someone who cares about the same things and raises God to the same height is incredibly important. Sometimes humanly the situation before us tends to crowd our focus on what the Lord has made for us, I walk this life though have stumbled, been broken, been empty many times, I still seek His face everyday so as by his grace I get to finish my purpose on earth.
A partner can easily be got but a life partner with whom your strength comes from is always a gift from God, he who patiently waits for his abundance from the Lord recieves timely grace and blessings.
I believe that real matches is moved by God so no matter where the two souls might be, when He wills it, distance will never be close to a barrier. As long as you live to praise the Lord, He settles all that concerns you for He knows that man is not be alone but with the one made specially for him.
I am passionate about life, and I love helping out those who are feeling down, evenif it means sitting near for an hour without saying a word, will gladly do it as long as it makes you feel light in the heart.
I am a christian who loves and values gospel teachings,,,being a PK’s daughter got the chance to appreciate more and involve myself more with activities of charity. I value my faith and can't compromise it in any way, prayers has always been my answer and patience is my reason to move on,
I am a fun person, doesnot accept defeat easily i am loving, patient,understanding, energetic, a lady of all season and not forgetting i am open and easy to relate with because i easily bond with new people in all my walks of life. I love family and it comes first, and you don’t have to worry, I always blend in so easily with large families and I find happy times with family and friends.
Yes, I am on that size and looks of a curvy bride in full body, but I like it and I appreciate my body a lot, no need to reach me if you are in for slim and slender ones and if I get to text you by mistake you just let me know and we spare enough for something else

I love cooking, actually i cook alot, reading though not often… beach is my other home, i enjoy the water.

I love dance as well, at times i take it as part of my exercise and it keeps me on my feet and my feet gets busy or i can say at times its my way of communication, and i would admire my better half to love dance or would love to be taught by me, kinda romantic as well,,,,,

Most of my friends say i am so comforting to have and a ice during the hot season

I can easily become a open book to you if you win my trust...
see you soon😊
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