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Camping, hiking, shooting, snowshoeing, outdoors, photography, art, music, old movies, sports, games, anything fun
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Anyone looking for a Godly marriage should watch these videos.

First off, I guess I should clarify that the three girls in the photo are my nieces.

While my life is far from ordinary, it is great and God has blessed me so much. I am far from perfect and while I do try to improve on things in my life, I am comfortable with who I am and can live each day with peace and joy.

My faith is the foundation of who I am and I wouldn't be anywhere without a daily relationship with God. He's #1 in my life and I I try to live every day drawing closer in my walk with Him. I always joke that I want to be so close to Him that He trips over me when He turns around. Nothing else in my life compares with pursuing a closer relationship with Him. I try to model my life after Proverbs 31, and look for someone with similar attributes.

I have a lot of interests both indoors and out. I love to camp, hike, snowshoe, go shooting or just about anything outdoors. I also stay pretty active playing sports when I have the chance (racquetball, volleyball or just about anything else) and I work out on a regular basis. I'm not a health nut, but I do try to stay healthy in order to enjoy the kind of activities I like so that means I eat healthy and exercise 4-5 times a week. However, I do believe you have to live so I'm not opposed to a treat once in a while I'm very low maintenance and don't do drama. I tend to be very calm even under the most stressful circumstances and I try to laugh whenever life throws me a curve.

Reading is also a favorite activity and I have 4-5 books going at any given time. Some fiction, some classics and then usually something to learn new things. I also get into God's word every day since I would be lost the rest of the day without it. I love all kinds of music and it would take too long to list them all.

I am looking for a man that loves to grow in his walk with God and loves his family. However, I know that I need to be the type of person a Godly man is looking for. The best way to accomplish this is to seek God first, then He will make me the type of person I need to be for my future husband.

I have never been married and I don't have kids, as God had a lot for me to do, but I think that I am finally at the point where I can move on to the next chapter of my life. I don't have a lot of baggage and I tend to be pretty easy going yet passionate about life. I did a lot of missions work when I was growing up and, although I haven't done that in the last few years, I would like to get back into doing more. I do have to mention that I don't believe in sex outside of marriage (feel free to ask me about it ;), so if that's a deal breaker for you, then I guess I'm not the one for you. The reason I have put "Undecided/Open" when it comes to kids is because I really am open to whatever God has for me in that area of life. I learned long ago that God's plans are better than mine any day of the week.

So I guess that is enough about me (probably more than enough), if you haven't nodded off yet, drop me a line and say "hi.
First Date
So much depends on who I am with. I am not convinced that first dates have to be just dinner, or movies, it could also be hiking, a play or dodgeball. Whatever it is, it should be something both of us enjoy and gives us plenty of time to get to know each other. Oh, and it should be fun!
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