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I moved to Parker, Colorado!
Above all else I’m looking for a Christ following spiritual leader for my partner. My faith is utmost important. At church I serve in a number of areas which are related to my gifting.

I believe God uses our relationships with other people to teach us how to love Him.

The Bible says that we as women are called to be a helper to our husband. The Bible also says that the head of every man is Christ and the head of every married woman is her husband. The man is the spiritual leader for his family.

If Christ is not the center of the relationship then it is almost impossible to have peace in all aspects of a relationship, as the Bible says unequally yoked. So thinking that you will change someone after you are married is nothing more than a illusion that will usually end badly. Does the person we think could be the one possess the Christian attributes that we should seek or the secular shallow ones? We are not perfect and there will be compromise in certain areas but the core values that really matter should never be set aside based on emotions.

Another thing that we have seemed to lose focus of is unconditional love. To say I love you just for being alive is a huge statement. No matter what you do today, no matter what imperfections, poor choices, or how you might hurt me, I love you. We choose to love, it is not an emotion or state of mind that you "fall into". So when we choose to Love, we should be making that choice through prayer and it is an acceptance of that person regardless of what imperfections they have now or in the future. Jesus obviously loved everyone regardless of anything they said or did and boy those are Huge sandals to try and fill. So that leads me back to both people being committed to God first and focusing on treating each other in a way that pleases God first. Then I believe He covers those imperfections we all have with His Grace so they are not a concern anymore since the greater focus is Christ first. Then we can love someone no matter what since it is a Supernatural, Spirit filled love, not a conditional, justified or earned love as the secular world is always searching for.

If we are truly doing something out of love for someone, chasing after God's own heart, then we should have no expectations. Just remember all that our Lord did for this world and His thanks was being beaten, spit on and nailed to a cross. So pray and leave expectations at the foot of the cross, we are storing up treasures in Heaven, not here on earth.

It seems obvious on the surface, what 1 Cor 13 talks about, loving others as Jesus does is truly what it is all about...It is not easy but it was just revealed to me the other day that when you take all the things we try and do to be more like Christ, loving others is really the bottom line...

I am a simple person who appreciates what is given in life and live for each day. I am an active, physically, mentally and financially secure independent woman who hopes to one day have the chance to meet a man and together be able to share life's surprises and love unconditionally. I am ready to meet the man whom I will make memories with and grow old with. I am also ready to share my heart and looking for a man who isn't afraid to do the same and show and say how they feel. I am ready to settle down, but not willing to settle! I am a warm 'fuzzie', and affectionate and am looking for the same. I prefer old fashioned courting and romance and remain hopeful that chivalry still exists! I believe you should always make people in your life feel special each and every day.
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Coffee & tea!
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