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the beach, pool, yard work, traveling
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I have everything in life I could possibly want need or desire. I have done more things than most men can imagine.
The only thing left is You.
Who are you?
What have i done? I'm proud of many of things but mostly proud to have been saved by God.
I'll tell you briefly. I've turned down more women than most men will ever have because of my religious convictions,
I was MVP of my High school sports team and a Honor student. I've been the crew chief on Air Force One and I've
received numerous letters of Appreciation from various people including NASA for a job well done.
Some men may have more things than me but were they in a Tent at Thanksgiving in Afghanistan and still thankful
to God for all his blessings. Do they have 3 wonderful children, the oldest son a computor genius, the middle
son will be a Doctor May 18th 2012, and a daughter almost 20 who everybody loves.
I will be home in may and the only thing missing in my life then will be the one God has chosen for me to,
jog on the beach with and run into the ocean, Laugh till it hurts the next morning in your stomach muscles,
travel to places even i havent dreamed of, make love on a mountain top, on the beach, in front of a fireplace
and maybe in our swimming pool. I am almost 50 but live like i'm 30.
I can't wait to wake up next to someone and see their smile first thing in the morning and just know without
saying a word that we are completely in Love. Spontanious enough to wake up with me and say hey let's drive
down to florida today and spend a few days at the beach. or, lets gather up sticks all day and pile them up
and tell the kids to come on over for a bond fire and make smores and roast hot dogs.
She will be so pampered that her friends jealousy will make her upset sometimes because we will have such a
awesome click just being around us people will just sense our love, and our good moods will just be contagious.
The only thing missing is you, where are you, who are you, are you patient enough to wait, would you stay pure
to me? If God has laid it upon your heart to answer me then do so if not. No worries. Jeremiah 29:11.
First Date
A walk in a park if weather is nice, a cruise to petit jean mountain, or just a dinner date.
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