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Where is the one that belongs to that voice, calling to me......

I'm looking for that "Special Lady" to start emailing, or chatting with, and maybe then have some great phone conversations. Where that may lead is up to the Lord. Everyone seems to write a few of their likes, so...I like the outdoors, and the mountains, taking long quiet walks beside a quiet lake, animals, nature, guitars, computers. It is difficult on here to write about a whole personality in just a few brief sentences. I guess that is what "conversation" is all about, so... I'm sure that when we talk, we can tell each other more.

If we are going to be real, though (in the words of Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders.... "I'll stand by you....") is there someone out there, that would stand with me, through good times and bad, that would never desert, not mattering what we've been through... can we stand…..together? Can we see each other through..... is there really somebody out there ? Where is the one that belongs to that voice, calling to me......"I'll stand by you" ?

I do not believe that Life in The Lord means that everything will always be an "easy" road..... even the Lord had down and sad times... times that he depended upon his friends to be with stand by him. We are not "home yet" ..... we have a purpose here! And while we fulfill that purpose, we walk down life's path.

That should be a path we walk together… working toward His goals, working through the rough spots, and enjoying the good things, the beauty that God made for us, and.....each other!

So I guess all men must be looking for a "Ruth"....and all women must be looking for their "Boaz" ! Are we all simply looking for the "perfect" fit? Hummmm....... I think we must be.

Is she out there ? Yes..... not perfect, but then....I'm not perfect either !! So, let's enjoy each other, walk through this life...hand in hand, together in the Lord...together in all the blessings and joy that He has created for us! Gazing into each others eyes as if there is no other in the world.... seeing each others own reflection deep within.... always and forever.

When I saw ......

When I was young, I tried to see the beauty that the Lord had made… but my eyes were closed.
As I grew older, I could not open my eyes for all the darkness that surrounded them.
When the darkness overwhelmed me, The Lord reached down and pulled the scales away.
When my eyes were open, the beauty flooded in. I then understood what I had been looking at.
When I thought I knew all the wonders that were before me, He then showed me more.
When I knew my eyes could never take in all the beauty that the Lord had made, is….
When I understood that I never could, and that is ……
When I saw.

Lord I pray, lead us according to your will, as you would have us to be.... strengthen us, fill us, and guide us through your wisdom in all of our walk.

Lord Bless Us.

In His Name.
First Date
Maybe go out for coffee and talk or have dinner.....maybe have some ice cream, take a walk to see some of God's beautiful scenery. Share a little of ourselves, have some conversation. Maybe just take a walk along that quiet lake...just at dusk....and listen to the cry of a loon echoing across the still water, looking for his mate..........
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