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Well I was born and Raised Pentecostal, I got Saved at age 9, I got Baptized age 12...I have never felt the holy Spirit or Spoke in tongues...don't know if its because I'm not a very emotional person or what but I only get I guess...Second hand smoke from the spirit when the power moves, like I know its there but nothing happens it just does what it does, I enjoy being in the presence, it can sometimes be a drag when I see everybody else having such a great time with the expressions of pure Joy on they're face of being covered in the Holy Spirit, however since I am such a upbeat person it really doesn't bother me much, I can make almost anything funny in fact I think true comedy comes from Depressing and when you add distance to it and the right mind set it can be hilarious...I Hate reading so I do not read the Bible much, I pray Every night most mornings and whenever I feel the urge to do so I also prey for my food no matter what the setting is, and if I am under enough conviction I will set a mental or written out schedule to prey even more.

I Love Music...I eat Sleep and Breathe and dream music everyday of my life and its never enough... I player several Instruments mainly guitar



Bass Player

Novice Skill Piano Player

I love all sorts of music mainly Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, Heavy Metal, 80s Metal/Rock, Classical, Proggresive Metal, Power Metal, Symphonic Metal, and Blues...

I don't care for country but can tolorate it a bit...

I can't stand Rap Music

I Absolutley Hate 99.9% Screamo and Grind-Core

I am a Big Danny Elfman/ Hans Zimmer Fan when it comes to Scores and Composers

I am a huge Tim Burton Fan, Favorite Film to this day is "The Nightmare Before Christmas"

I Love Comedy I have an extremely Elaborate sense of humor and can find most anything funny even things nobody finds funny...its almost strange really stuff I can come up with, I have enough personalities for 3 fact I might be 3 people IDK you will have to ask one of em ^^ lol

I am a Computer Nerd I have vast knowledge on how to build computers Terminology Internet Memes and Video Games

I am a Huge Gamer love mostly RPG's !

Don't care for Racing/ Simulation/ Most Strategy (SC2 is awesome)

I am Shy Around women I like (FACT) I do believe it fades away after a while when I am around the person long enough then i can start being the real me but before that If I am extremly attracted to you or even a little sometimes I will be holding back alot of... who I really am lol you'll get about 10% of me when the normal person get about 50% and friends get 80% and best friends get 90%...God gets the 100% Voluntarlly or not ^^
First Date
A "Date" could really be anything and technically I want to become best friends with the person thus not getting all over dramatically lovey dovey and stuff, but I guess what most anyone would Movie?...are there really that many choices?
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