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My heart and character are trustworthy. I try to be a woman of my word, as God is a god who keeps His Word. And God will help when I fall.

I'd love a partner to begin making some back-up off-grid living plans with. Our brave Christian Forefathers were willing to fight for the country we have today..but being taken down unless we also get proactive to save it.

My presentation and preference is classy-clean feminine but also minimal fuss. Love my red high heels, but I also must be a help-mate to my leader. I love a man who loves to lead....responsibly, at least most of the time. No one is perfect in anything they do of course, but a humble teachable spirit is what the Bible says is a wise person.

My attitude for a marriage partner is listed in Proverbs 31:12..... one who does him good all the days of his life. And the Proverbs 31 woman is not idle just doing her nails but is industrious. She is wise with financial as well as physical and spiritual management.
First Date
I love the ocean here. but if it's cold winter waters, maybe just having a quiet time or church together. I love studying or reading together with a man, I think it's romantic and fun.

My biggest dream is just to sit and sing/play the piano endlessly together until God's heart is touched and the Holy Spirit falls on us together. Then we will be immersed in HIm who is LOVE. It is the most wonderful experience of God himself when He shows up like that.
AS He lives in the praises of His people,
His physical Presence will come as we sing together. It's happened to me only a few times.... I need a partner to do this with as the agreement and increase makes it sweeeter for both us and the Lord.

Discussion on substantive topics as we research/write to the newspaper or magazines together to make a difference while we are here is a fun wish of mine, but not for everyone.

Also, creating worship dance pieces to show people the love, beauty, and grace of the Holy Spirit would be wonderful. One need not have dance experience for this but just a desire to "dance as David danced"......because it pleased the Lord.

The Lord truly rewards when this is is a dimension of HIS Endless self that He will bring one into........ indescribable in human is even beyond the experience of singing to HIm.
Christians have the most life-giving music to give the world and to dance to songs about the beauty of the Lord.......will immerse us in all Love, all Truth, all Goodness, all Righteousness immeasureable, extending from here to eternity. This is part of His indescribable presence.

I have found nothing on earth more enjoyable

goodnite. May your sleep be sweet as we walk in obedience.....and dependence.....for the sake of the leading of the Holy Spirit being able to manifest in us. Run into the ocean in the morning!
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