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So I guess this is the part where I sell myself to you!

God is #1 in my life.

I am more loyal than a golden retriever.

I taught Adam Sandler everything he knows about comedy!

I take relationship respect very seriously.

I hold open doors because I''m that old school.

If you get sick, I''ll bring some soup or whatever you like and sit with you.

I don''t talk to exes, go to strip clubs, or chill with any other women when I''m in a relationship.

I don''t smoke or do any drugs. I''m a clean guy.

I have a lot of patience so if you like shopping at target for endless hours or if you take forever to get ready, it''s fine with me.

Once I''m in a relationship, my gf can have my social media passwords, phone code, and access to my phone whenever she wants. I believe in transparency.

I prefer phone calls over texts. I will communicate on a daily basis.

I won''t make you guess how I feel, I''ll tell you whatever you want to know. I''ll be straightforward with you.

Old people, kids, and animals like me because I''m a nice, goofy guy!

I have an amazing sense of humor!

I won''t pressure you to do ANYTHING you don''t want to do. I''ll always have respect for whoever I''m dating.

I give 100% trust to anyone in the beginning but once it''s broken, it''s very hard to get it back.

.... Deal Breakers....

If you like going to strip clubs and watching male strippers at bachelorette parties (while in a RELATIONSHIP). We''re not going to work. I view that as an act of cheating because lust and love don''t go hand in hand.

Idc if you have guy friends but if you''ve seen him naked, held his hand, "cuddled" with him, have sleepovers with him then we aren''t going to work out (unless he's 100% gay, lol). I want my next gf to treat her guy friends like BROTHERS, not a fwb. Idc if you and your guy friends do things together but if y''all are holding hands, kissing on the lips, seeing each other naked, and having sleepovers, that''s a deal breaker for me.

If you cancel CONSTANTLY, we''re not going to work. I understand emergencies come up but if you''re canceling over 50% our dates, that''s not normal.

If you can't talk on the phone for at least 4 to 6 hours a week, we''re not going to work. I want MEANINGFUL, fun, conversation, not a text buddy. I want to have something special not an online friendship.

Drugs, vaping, smoking pot or cigarettes, hookah, etc..

I want a woman that understands the importance of God. So if you don't care about God, we aren''t going to work out..

Despite my deal breakers, I''m a pretty easy-going guy. I don''t have a temper. I RARELY get mad and I think I''d make a great bf because I''m a giver and I''ll always put my gf before myself!
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