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Jesus, Cooking, Investing, Worship, Sunsets, Sunrises, Deep Conversations, Motorcycling, Home Improvement, Beaches, Family, Travel, Self Improvement, Connecting with people
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I think many women wonder if guys have a love/hate relationship with women, and tolerate them in their life for the benefits while wishing they didn't have to put up with the rest. At this point in my life, I probably have a deeper understanding of who you are as a woman and what makes you tick than I ever have, and I still love that part of you, that woman...

That woman who wants to know that I think you're the most beautiful woman in the world (and I'll call you beautiful and not just "hot")...
That woman who wants to be romanced and slow danced with in the dark for hours even after being together for years...
That woman who loves to laugh and have fun with a man who has a wicked sense of humor...
That woman who wants to feel safe and secure with her man, and be able to trust that he always has her heart in a bullet-proof case and is protecting it with his life, and would never do anything intentionally to hurt it..
That woman that loves to have deep conversations while cuddling late at night with a man who wants to know her thoughts and respects her views and opinions...
That woman that wants to be loved for everything she is and not just for what she can do...
That woman who longs for a man that will take care of her (even though she's independent and self-sufficient), a man that will lead and be the man, a man that she's not afraid to follow, a man that's not needy and that she won't have to "mother"...
That woman who longs to have a man she can take home to family functions or out to work functions and not be embarrassed...
That woman who longs for a man with passion for something and a career, and is generally a happy upbeat person that is kind and cares about others...
That woman who longs to join a man in an adventure and ride off into the sunset in pursuit of it...
That woman who doesn't seek perfection in looks or money or material possessions, but wants a balanced dependable man.

Every woman is that woman, and I get that most men don't understand these things, and think that their macho persona and wicked good looks are all they need, or super successful careers and material possessions should impress you when you really want to connect with his heart on an emotional level. Ah the real connection :).

Well I've already been talking about me between all those lines above in case you didn't catch it. One of my greatest endeavors every day is to live like I'm dying, appreciating every breath, every laugh, every contact with every human being (especially the most important people in my life), every sunrise, every sunset, the way a full moon looks as it rises too, the way the stars look on a country night from a blanket by the lake....

As you can see I'm deep and sensuous, but I'm flirty, funny, and sometimes a little naughty too, sometimes singing songs and inserting my own racy lyrics, doing impersonations and jumping in and out of characters, sometimes at my own jokes until somebody laughs with me, quoting movie lines at the most appropriate moments...

Thanks for reading and God bless!
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