Hoping "I find the one my heart loves." ~~ Song of Soloman 3:4

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Reading, writing, bicycling, hiking, metal detecting, volunteering, going to flea markets, surfing the internet, home improvement projects, cooking, baking
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I am a down-to-earth Christian woman who enjoys the simple things in life. I'm more of a homebody than social butterfly. To be totally transparent, I currently live in the Chicago area, but, God willing, I will be relocating to Arizona in the Spring of 2020. I am looking for a true Christian man, a bible-believer who is walking with God. I have never been married as the Lord has never brought the right one into my life and I refuse to settle or to be unequally yoked. Several men have commented on that, like there is something "wrong" with never being married. If that's the way you feel, very sad for you, but carry on. I am just following the Lord's will for my life. Lately, I have felt led to give this another shot. Perhaps the Lord is leading me this time to the one He wants me to be with. So, I am dipping my toes back into the dating scene. I will not date men who are "separated," because I do not date married men. Please be divorced, widowed or never married. I am not looking for someone to "complete" me, as I am already complete. I am looking for God's chosen one for me. Someone with whom I can grow spiritually. Perhaps someone to go to church with, volunteer with, do bible study or pass out Christian tracts. Also, someone to have fun with as well. Perhaps taking in a movie, going to flea markets, hiking, biking, miniature golf, sporting events or whatever adventure we dream up! I'm tired of being alone and am looking for a good, decent Christian man who is ready for a potential serious relationship. I was on this site once before and received several rude messages from men, for whatever reason. If you're feeling full of the devil and get off on sending Christian women rude messages, then just know that I will report you. This site should be a safe haven from all the nastiness of the world. If you can't control your tongue, then don't bother with me. If you don't like or agree with what I've written, then move along to someone else. A rude, worldly, nasty man won't be tolerated. Also, for men living out of this country, sorry, but I am not interested, but best of luck to you.

I am certainly not perfect and am not looking for perfection. I need to lose weight and am working on it. So, if a few extra lbs is a deal breaker, then better you know in advance. Nothing worse than wasting a person's time. And that helps me sift out the shallow men, too.

If you're just looking for a "good time," or are a wolf in sheep's clothing, then please pass me by. There are plenty of other sites for you to scam for chicks (and news flash!! God knows what you're doing!!). I really question the faith of some of the people on this site (both men AND women--yes, I've read some of their profiles too, out of curiosity and to see what my competition is all about, lol). It seems like they would do much better and be happier with a secular site. A tip off to me is when men talk about sex, looking for a lover, etc. Yes, in the context of a marriage, that is good and appropriate. But in a dating relationship, please read your bible and see what GOD says about that.

I am hoping to meet a man who isn't totally wrapped up into sports 24/7. To me, there are more important and interesting things going on in the world. I find smart, intelligent men very attractive and a man who can sustain an intelligent conversation scores extra points!

If you've made it through my profile, congratulations! LOL I wish you blessings and success in finding whatever you are searching for!

Just a footnote: I am a bible-believing non-denominational Evangelical who believes in the Rapture. I know many Christian denominations do not believe in the Rapture. I will not go to a church that does not believe in that or one where they pray to saints or worship Mary. Sorry! I also love anything to do with prophecy and find it fascinating. I am always looking for the Lord's soon return. Maranatha!
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Something low-key where we can chat to get to know each other better. Perhaps at a coffee shop or a quiet restaurant for lunch. Somewhere in public.
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