I'm Christian, not Catholic! I'm not compatible with Catholics!!

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I believe the Bible is the one hundred percent accurate and reliable word of the one and only living God. Creator of everything and the savior we all need for the numerous crimes we are guilty of committing against Him.

Catholics and Christians are not the same thing. Sorry but my theology is not compatible with that of a Catholic. If you believe differently you either don't know the differences or just don't care. Neither of which helps with the problem it creates.

I am one of those rare natives of Los Angeles. I still live in the same city I was born and raised in. I have traveled some, it has mostly been in the states.

I'm close to my parents, brothers, and sister in law who is one of my best friends. I read a lot of fiction, I'm rarely not in a book. I'm a bit of a geek. I enjoy technology, I generally don't follow much news outside of tech news. My brother introduced me to "Wretched Radio" which is a great show to challenge you (me) and your (my) growth in Christ. I'm not into sports, they mostly don't interest me. I have gone to a few Dodger games with friends on ocasion, one of the few sports and teams I care at all for. Though don't really follow them. I tend to be a bit reserved, so while someone more out going may help balance me and get me to relax more, don't expect it. I am not athletic, I do ride my mountain bike a bit, though most of my rides are not in the moutains, more around town or the beach. I enjoy swimming. I do hike on ocasion, but since I have done it little lately. Don't expect me to keep up on anything more then a easy one. When I am working through something sometimes I have enjoyed a nice, very late night walk on the beach (11:00 or 12:00). I like it more when you have it almost all to yourself, just you and God enjoying the sound of the waves, the salty air, and the open sky. It is a great way to remember the power and immensity of God. While remembering He knows and cares about every detail of my life. I am not a animal lover, i don't mind them for the most part, just not a fan. I care much less for cats, sorry but true.

From my reading of the bible, while it does allow in some circumstances for divorce. From my understanding it does not allow for remarriage of a divorced person, at least until that "ex-spouse" has pass away. Because of this I see no point in building a romantic relationship with a divorced person. If this is a problem I am sorry, but I believe this is God's will in this area.

I don't mind driving a bit to get to know someone, but much beyond that. I am not wealthy and I don't see how you can build a relationship with someone you are never around. So if I can't spend time in your physical company (not sexually) I don't see how a relationship can truly form. I am a fan of both Rebbecca St. James and Joshua Harris. I feel that they have helped me a great deal in thinking through things. To have a better idea of knowing where to draw a line I need to stay away from and also have a better understanding on how to treat a sister in Christ.

Favorite movie is "My Favorite Wife", it's a classic, very funny, great story, and awesome acting. I like Josh Turner, how can you not love that bass voice of his! Favorite actress, has to be Audry Hepburn while yes she was pretty, she was the definition of a lady. Don't like all her films, for instance, I'm sorry but I do not get what is so great about "Breakfast At Tiffany's". I prefer "Charade" or "Roman Holliday". Favorite actor has to be Jimmy Stewart, the every man. Hard to go wrong with almost any of his films.

I would like to find something rare in this age. A modest woman, I do not understand why so many women now days think they need to flaunt everything. Tight clothes I don't get. Yes it gets guys to look, but is that all you care about them seeing. I would rather find a girl (lady) that dresses for comfort. Dress nice, but comfortably.

I would like the girl I eventually marry to be willing to run the home, so if your career is your priority then there is little point in going further. Not a fan of tattoos, I can deal with it. But if you have a lot, or it is important to you, sorry. Also if you need everything pierced then I may not be the one for you.

I struggle with the concept of sites like this. It is so easy to focus on a photo, a persons personality effects their looks. But personalities are hard to see online.

Just a O. M. looking for my X. Y. L. Bonus points if you understand that, 73’s.

Well that should give some, possibly too much insight on me. If you have little to nothing in yours, how can I have any hope in knowing you are worth investing any time in. It would imply to me the details are not worth knowing in your mind. It doesn't need to be much, but please give some insight to the real you.....
First Date
I can go to a coffee shop, but not my thing. Don't like coffee, not even the smell. I can be around it, just not a fan.

I'm torn, to truly get to know someone, odds are a first "date" will tell little. We control everything, show only what we want them to see. I like the idea of something with friends or family around. Like a church event. But I am also realistic, that is troublesome to get to work out in this context.

So I would say, somewhere public. For both our comfort and safety. That is also conducive to talking and hopefully getting to know each other....
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