U keep sending hearts & likes but U blacked me

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U keep sending hearts & likes but blocked me
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You keep sending hearts and likes but blocked me

When I was in New York City a passerby asked how to get to Carnagie Hall, I replied "practice, practice, practice." :applause:

I'm a lifelong Christian who was formerly Lutheran and am now trying out a more ... non-denominational church, may go back to Lutheran or may not.

I've actually helped start two churches, one still going the other gone because many of the small membership passed on, moved, became ill, etc.

I am a retired teacher and have taught in several church schools, one of which shut down and one of which hired parents to replace the teachers to save money.

I also publish homeschool e-book textbooks with, if not a distinct Christian theme, then at least neutral. And also a Christian comedy and two Christian skits. and I sell them for a very nominal price. BTW this is not a plug to sell things, just sayin'.

I have a lot of activities many of which I have moved beyond but the important take away is that if I have a lot of activities that means that I can easily relate to YOUR activities and that we should be able to develop new ones together.

Among my activities are that I can golf, but now usually only do charitable scrambles, can do vollyball, dance, ballroom and c and w, read, write, play board games, listen to a lot of music cds watch a lot of dvds, and go to movies, ....all alone.... throw frisbee, do scrapbooking and geneaologies, like to cook but don't have anyone with whom to cook! :(

I am very physically fit, and do "interval walking" fast, slow, fast, slow several miles several times a week and swim.

A few years ago I got into SCUBA and volunteer with an organization which gets disabled people into SCUBA it is marvellous "zero gravity" therapy and very liberating for someone who has had their life circumscribed. And just as there are not atheists in foxholes, most people who have such a reverance for life as to help a disabled person underwater are not atheists, most pray before diving and after coming out.

Like I said, I'm physically fit but not obsessive about it, maybe 5 pounds off my optimum weight, small of frame, and rather "straight up and down" in build. I'm 5' - 8".

Soooo a woman with whom I might become involved should also probably be at or on her optimal weight or slightly below, or thin or skinny, because if she is much larger then I can't get my arms around her and that is what we all want ...correct?

If you have listed "a few extra pounds" then it should be just that...a "few" extra pounds...I am a "few extra pounds"....about five... If you say "voluptuous" that means to me Elizabeth Taylor.

I am exactly what I say I am, and you should "pretty much" be also...after all this is a Christian site. :)

The whole Rhett Butler and Vivien Leigh thing....and also since I'm 5-8 she should probably be somewhat shorter or same height, if she is willing to wear flats.

I.......do not have a problem with women taller than me, but women seem to have the problem.

I tend to dress classy and my mother taught me to never leave the house looking sloppy or with dirty clothes, and I listened to my mother, so if you are into sloppy sweats or jeans and t-shirt, then we would probably not get along.

And, also, I "grew up" in the fifties and early sixties. In those days, women were "feminine", not that I am a male chauvinist pig, which I am not, I work to EMPOWER women....but I grew up around feminine women.... that does not mean that she is a meek wall flower, but that is just when I grew up.

And, also, it seems that the Ozarks, and I love it here, really is a bastion of male chauvinism and that is why most women are into wearing some kind of armor, to not have to deal with all the......stuff...

Sooo to that end, I prefer women who already are into the style of, or want to get into the style of, .................

normally wearing dresses, skirt and blouse, coulottes, capris, leggin's, shorts, and last but not least since we would spend a week or so each summer on a dive boat.........a swimsuits.

HOWEVER, if you have been in a relationship or situation where you were kept in the roll of a "doormouse" and WANT TO CHANGE......... in other words you WANT to now, in your present situation, move away from jeans, sloppy sweats, torn t-shirts and generally being kept in the shadows by some kind of opressive situation.........

I am your guy! :) We can SHOP TILL WE DROP!! :) ORRR we can take your girlfriends who want to help you move beyond the opressive situation and I will buy pizza, ice cream, WHATEVER for the bunch!! my trest!! :)

I keep my hair cut, you almost have to with diving, have good teeth, brush and floss and do not have bad breath, shower daily, etc . have 20/20 vision and again, generally keep myself in good trim.

Since I SCUBA dive with disabled people and also dive for fun, to repeat, you should probably not be ashamed of being in a swimsuit and probably at least like sitting on the top deck watching dolphins leap under a clear blue sky in crystal blue water...and hand me a towel when I get out. :) If you don't want to learn to scuba, that is ok, but just as I will want to participate in your activities, you should at least want to sit on the top deck of the dive boat. And....if you think about it............if a parapalegic can get dive certified, probably you could also! :peace: But again, not necessary.

Last summer I dived Christ of the Abyss in Key Largo after diving with disabled people AND.......... a former student who got into diving because of me, went along, with his marvy wife and kids........ and we dived Christ of the Abyss together, the kids snorkled.

And lest one think that I obsess on SCUBA, no.... it is just one of many things that I do during the summer months. Sometimes more often, and sometimes less.

I carry out the trash, clean the toity, help wash the dishes, just nobody to help wash them with, so I wash them myself... :0

I like to cook and try new dishes, just no-one to cook with! :(

I'm cuddly, a hand holder, put my hand on the small of her back when we are going into a bistro, open the door, both of a building and the car... like to be rather like two puppies always running around circles with each other and having fun. And when the Mait're de gives me the wink because of that simple but classy A-line that you found at a garage sale, I'll probably have to tickle you in the ribs a little to let you know! :)

To cut to the chase, I'm 70 years old and have the body chemistry and function of a thirty year old, just sayin' ! :yay:

So....I'm kinda Walter Mitty, that rather average guy, that goes "on adventures" every once in a while.

Sometimes...I sit and watch videos or listen to music and read, amble down a wooded lane... or.....

sometimes.... I do a crazy thing like "GIANT STRIDE"...from the perfectly safe deck of a perfectly safe dive boat into maybe thirty feet of crystal blue waters and swim with the fishies over beautiful coral.. :) ..and sometimes I am holding the hand of a disabled person who is going to do her or his first "open water"...

Care to go on an adventure once in a while? ...with God's Grace, and....as May Kennedy McCord used ta say.......if the creek don't rise! :) LETS GO!!! :peace:

First Date
Pineapple whip in the summer or coffee or iced tea or ice cream or a bistro of your choice, my treat!! :eat:
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