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Jesus, music, hiking, mountaineering, biking, camping, cooking, baking, calisthenics, reading, health and wellness, hermeneutics, serving in local church or abroad
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The proverbs 31 woman. The priceless jewel that I have been waiting for, for so long! The woman whose utmost purpose in life is to follow Christ no matter the cost. The woman who not only proclaims that she lives for Christ but one whose lifestyle fruits reveal a heart of true faithfulness and commitment to loving Him at the deepest level. The woman who strives to put herself aside to serve others greatest need by not shrinking from opportunities to share the good news of Jesus. A woman who is a student of His Word, carefully dividing and weighing the words of scripture to know truth, wisdom, soundness of mind - seeking to become more like Jesus. A woman of sexual integrity who has put any past mistakes behind her and is honoring Christ by resisting temptation, faithfully waiting for her future husband and remaining faithful once married. A woman who does not put the temporary, material things of the world above eternal things as she faithfully stewards generosity with the gifts God has given her to grow the kingdom. A woman of great faith who can persevere through trials and remain committed to Christ even when God may be allowing difficult testing for growth. A woman who does not allow substance use or alcoholism to quench the Spirit in her life, but keeps her mental faculties stable. A woman who desires to take care of her temple (body) by practicing and being conscious of healthy eating habits and physical activity. A woman who desires to support her future husband and believes in him as he puts forth his best effort to serve Jesus and his family and does not verbally belittle him or burden him. A woman who is joyful in hope, patent in affliction, and faithful in prayer!

You might be thinking, this guy is looking for someone perfect! Nah, just someone who is sincere about following Christ. Not perfect but continually allowing God to perfect her. If you’re serious about finding a man that desires to build a marriage that honors and serves Christ, then I am that man. I believe the purpose of marriage is to create a unity that is a strong force for serving Christ; better together than apart. I am a very loyal, faithful, and loving man with so much love to give who will continually strive to pursue the spiritual well being of my spouse. My heart’s desire is to build a family that will reflect Christ to others; so yes, I do desire to have children. I am not a wealthy man and I do not pursue excessive treasures here on earth but I do have what I need and I am grateful. So, if you’re lookin for a man that will spoil you with material things, I am not that man nor is my life about keeping up with the Jones’s. I am also a very active person and it would be great to find someone to enjoy an active lifestyle with, to some degree.

My name is Andrew, and I hope to be given the wonderful opportunity to meet some amazing followers of Christ! I have been prayerfully seeking God’s will in finding a spouse and who knows, maybe we will meet here. Please don’t be shy and please don’t hesitate to reach out! May God bless each one of you with your heart’s desire in accordance with His will!
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Hiking, Dinner
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