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To Find A Wife Is A Good Thing...
Posted : 23 Dec, 2011 08:19 PM

Proverbs 18:22 He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the LORD.

Life is a blessing and should never be taken for granted or lightly, and no man or woman wants to be alone, because life is too short for any person to be alone.

When a man goes in search of a suitable mate, he must understand that he should seek a woman that is to be his wife, and not just a woman to date with no prospects of ever marrying her, unless they both have agreed that the relationship is of a friendship only. Moreover, there is no place in the Bible where we are told that anyone went out on a date, or that a man dated a woman for five or ten years and they never got married.

A man must understand that a woman is a gift from God and she must be cherished, shown compassion and love, and considered above all things. Just as a woman must understand that a man is a gift from God, and the man also must be shown compassion and love, and considered above all things in a relationship.

After God had created everything there was to be created, making provisions for man to live a comfortably on earth, Adam was placed in the garden with everything he needed to care for himself. But there was one thing missing that would fulfill the total man that God had not created. God realized that although He had given man all things in the physical, the man was incomplete in the emotional, and mental and spiritual sense therefore, He said, " It is not good that the man should be alone, I will make a helpmate for him."

By divine wisdom God created the woman on the sixth day from the rib of the man which completed those things that would make man fulfilled. And God brought the woman to the man in perfect order to be his helpmate.

Notice, Adam had everything needed to accommodate his wife already established. He had a beautfiul graden home, and a job as caretaker of the garden, and was stable and more than able to support and provide for his wife, before God even brought the woman to him. Adam was self-sufficient and financially secure, and capable to care for,and meet the needs of his wife as a provider over his household.

Many men seek women who will take care of them, and some men do not even have jobs or a place to bring his wife after they marry. And these wives are the ones who must seek out those things if she plans not to live in a shelter.

Many men who are unprepared for marriage, often end up living in an apartment or house that the woman already has before they marry... but then again, in many cases it is the woman who allows these things to happen just to be married to a man she is dating.

All women are not qualified to me a "wife". Just as all men are not qualified to be a husband.

The woman who is a "wfe indeed", honors her husband and brings life to her marriage to please her husband, and laughter and comfort into her home; she is wise and builds her house into a home, and builds up her husband in all things pleasing to God. She knows how to control her spirit and finds favor among many people she knows because of her humility and kindness, and her good principles, and is stable in all her ways

The Scripture passages does not says, A man who finds a good woman finds a good thing... it says, A man who finds a "WIFE" finds a good thing.

This means a man who goes in search of a wife must seek a woman who already has the inner qualities of being a wife in her spirit. He should spend time in prayer and fasting seeking God for the woman He has chosen who has the godly qualities of a wife as God has described her to be. But the man must also have the inner qualities of a husband according to the qualities God has described him to be in I Timothy chapter 3, if he is to be viewed and consdiered the priest of his home, and as a wise husband.

A man who finds a suitable godly mate who is a 'WIFE INDEED", has indeed, found a good thing and favor from God.

Excerpts from the book "Let's Talk Man Talk", by Rev. Dr. Toy Hodge.

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