Author Thread: Recommended: RING THE BELL

Recommended: RING THE BELL
Posted : 25 Jun, 2015 07:27 PM

One of my favorite recent Christian-themed movies is RING THE BELL ... I can't praise the writers, actors and other film-makers of the movie enough for creating it ... it truly is among the films that bring honor, glory and praise to God in its depiction of what Christianity is supposed to be all about ... it features popular Christian artists and spokesmen Steven Curtis Chapman and Casting Crowns ... I wish there were MORE truthfully fun, thoughtful and entertaining movies like this out there for Christians to enjoy!

If you haven't seen it yet, check it out ... if you have, well, you're probably like me and love to watch it over and over again from time to time and share it with those who haven't seen it yet.

Steve McLean

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Recommended: RING THE BELL
Posted : 26 Dec, 2016 12:19 AM

Amazing animation. Can't stop adore it.

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