Author Thread: Please pray for me

Please pray for me
Posted : 5 Jul, 2015 02:25 PM

I've been in prayer for a Christian husband as I would like to get married someday. I thought it would be wise to ask other brothers and sisters in Christ to pray for the same thing. Just please ask the Lord to prepare my heart and mind to be a wife someday and that he also prepare my future husband whomever he may be to be a husband to me when the time is right. I am willing to wait Christian husband's are worth waiting for. Also pray that when the time comes and I finally meet the Christian man who will be someday my husband that at first we will become friends and get to know each other slowly. I don't want to rush into anything. I know of Christians who will get married the day they meet their spouse and GOD bless them and their marriages have lasted many years. That's just not for me I want to move very slowly and get to know him and before I start dating him one on one I want to be comfortable around him and feel safe around him and be able to already share the good, bad and anything in between with him. Then when we do date again just take things nice and slow no rushing anything. I want him actually to take the lead in the friendship and relationship because if he can't lead those he can't lead a family or be any sort of spiritual leader so I'll need to see him lead. I know I don't need to get married to be happy or have joy but I would like to be blessed in such a way someday. So please pray about all this for me please.

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Please pray for me
Posted : 5 Jul, 2015 03:05 PM

Jenny: We know that God will fulfill the desires of our hearts only when we are walking in Gods will and our hearts desire what God wants us to desire! That is having the mind of Christ!

I do not know what God wants for your life! So I will pray for Gods will in your life Jenny.

Ask God to give you his will. Thy will be done..................

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