Author Thread: Blessed are the Misfits (Brant Hansen)

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Blessed are the Misfits (Brant Hansen)
Posted : 15 Jan, 2021 06:14 PM

Brant is awesome. Okay, Aspies in general are awesome.

Anyway... This book is very cool and encourages people who feel/are different to stick with the Church and stick with Jesus even if they feel like misfits.

I appreciated Brant's humour, and would laugh often because of the way he phrased something or just the thought process he had. He does go into his childhood experiences and that part was tough, but it makes his journey even more incredible - and credible. All of us struggle in some way...

Find a copy, check it out on Kindle, etc. It's so good!

(Unoffendable is also great. Same author!)

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