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they are all ok
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love sports running / surfing / cooking i pretty much love everthing
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Hi and welcome to my profile I hope l have found you well,
Plz come and see if we are suited for each other.
in relationships l like to live by faith so I'm all in not taking it easy or patience that's fr the fruits to be developed we are in the last days this could be our last chance, remember it is written if you lack self control get married if l like you then be prepared I'm all action as faith without is dead I'm quick to discern what peoples weaknesses are and what spirit may be hindering them I'm ok to walk and stand with anyone just don't tell me you love me and yr actions are not so, just want to say I'm not into people connecting with others on dating apps Facebook or online or Keeping old sexual relationships as friends or on social media all hours of the night, I've seen enough and heard enough to know it is not God's way but the devil's
these signs are signs of the times, lovers of self,
if yr the real deal and want to grow in yr understanding in the Lord experience intimacy in the flesh and know you are respected and loved interested in traveling and street preaching knowing there are times for everything a time to gain and a time to give away but no matter what nothing will separate that which God has bound together through faith then I'm yr guy.
it's one thing to desire marriage it's another to overcome the flesh to be fruitful in it. 9/10 people are single fr a reason as fr me every women has had a lieing spirit as they couldn't overcome their lustful sinful desires fr others while trying to love me at the same time, perfect in Christian speach, but the holy spirit shows me everything the Hinden things of the heart, this is why it's best to move forward, it's my choice l left them all but l still believe and it still hurt because l loved them all.
l understand it's not easy to be single as two are greater than one, but one cannot be on a dating site and searching for love everywere then find it and keep the same habits walking down the street with their prayer in one hand and looking at the opposite sex in the other, you have to have values, that's why I'm choosing a few different cultures, l believe they are more trust worthy
as we are all different but have the same opportunities, I'm not better than them l just made better choices now you get the best of me, l just want the best of you : LOVE IS THE GREATEST !
remember their is no fear in love and God always saves his best till last, those who have been forgiven much love much, so come and be blessed because it's not good fr man to be alone.

Stay blessed
First Date
let's go all out dress up do dinner only because l haven't done that before it's usually casual stuff
but it's time to spice things up l like beach - surfing - dinning - walking - picnic - bush walking
running so you know you can't run away lol
let's decide together whatever will be it will be God's will and only in God's will are we free
Stay Blessed
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