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Hope you like reading!! 😊 Oh and just because I might of sent you a wink don’t worry you are not obligated to wink back at me ok I’m kind of use to rejection more then acceptance especially on internet dating websites. From a single male looking for love perspective these are the very real possibilities that I have encountered while being here on a Christian internet dating website so this is what us guys have to put up with on a regular basis on here. 1. We simply get ignored. 2. We get ghosted or the woman that was talking to us simply stops talking to us and simply disappears. 3. We get asked for money, phones, ITunes gift cards, internet data, airtime…… 4. We get targeted by scammers pretending to be single women looking for love or cam girls asking us to join their private websites all the time. From a female perspective as I have also been on here pretending to be a single woman looking for love as well just to see what you single ladies have to put up with and I have encountered these very real possibilities as well. 1. You get bombarded by messages from every man from every where on the planet. 2. You get asked if you have WhatsApp or instagram or Skype or Facebook or Viber or….. 3. When you do finally agree to give out your contact information as a single woman looking for love you then run the very real risk of getting sent tonnes of photos of mens junk all the time until you block and report them. 4. You can also be ignored and scammed by African princes in refugee camps that have been caught by rebel forces that have killed all of their family members but they still have their family inheritance in a Swiss bank account and they just need you to agree to be their business partner or agree to marry them and give them your bank account details so that they can be set free and then send you the money. So you see looking for true love even on a Christian internet dating website is full of very real life perils for everyone. My name is Sergio Buontempi I’m 52 years of age. I’m looking for a lovely lady who is very warm and very down to earth understanding accepting and is not into material things and who also is very accepting of my quirkyness with a loving heart. Being a Loving human being is more then Enough. So here is a question for you. Is it a waste of time and energy looking for love on a internet dating website these days? That is the question that I am asking myself every time I get on here. I get people sending me messages and then we exchange phone numbers and then we both arrange to meet up for either lunch or coffee and then I end up sending them a text message because they are obviously running late to remind them that we were supposed to meet up today at a mutually agreed time and place and I get an excuse as to why they could not make it or even bother to come or that they simply forgot about it. If you can’t even bother to let the other person know that you can’t or won’t be coming on the time or day that you both mutually agreed to meet and you had all morning to let the other person know that you could not make it or that you were not able to make it or that something popped up last minute and you could not even let them know about it by text message or even send them a message here on this website then why even bother to arrange a time and place to meet up in the first place? I understand that things happen and we all get busy but seriously if your time management skills are that bad then perhaps you need to write things down in a diary or on your phone or set an alarm or at least work on fixing your time management skills first before you try to go and arrange a date with someone and just end up wasting their time ok. Unless of course you actually like to waste other peoples time and lead them on and give them false hope then you really deserve to be single! So now I will talk to people by text or message on here for at least a month or more before I agree to meet up for lunch in person. Oh and please do yourself this website and the whole world a big favour and put something about yourself in your profile do not leave it empty or blank because I have yet to meet a mind reader on here and I am definitely not one myself so if my profile is too daunting a read for you or you have the intellectual muscle and reading ability of a 3 year old child then perhaps you should work on your English communication skills and not be here with the grown ups. One day at a time sweet Jesus! My faith in humanity is tested daily but my faith in my lord is undeniable. I would much rather have too much information here on my profile then nothing at all. And yep you are definitely going to be tested here on this website and yes you will also encounter a lot of time wasters, players and scammers here on this website as well but I guess that this is just the nature of every internet dating website today really. Some people think that internet dating websites are a popularity contest or a beauty pageant while others treat it like a meat market looking for the best looking cut of meat at the cheapest price. I think that internet dating websites are a place where you go and try to find a decent honest loyal faithful human being and try to make a positive connection with them hopefully but again I’m kind a weird like that I guess. Yes some people will ghost you for no reason at all or not even bother to reply back to your wink or message and that’s fair enough that is their choice but you would not expect to encounter cam girls looking for new clients or people trying to sell you stuff on a respectable Christian Dating website would you? I wouldn’t but hey maybe I’m just old fashioned and out of touch with the world today I guess. I do realise that I may not be everyone’s cup of tea but hey let’s face it in this world today who really is in this day and age right? And also please do keep this in mind when you send a message to someone on here. 1. They may not be interested in you so you might not get a message back from them ever. 2. They might not even be real so if your intentions are not honest and genuine and sincere and honourable then do not even bother. I do not have the patience or time to waste on phony or fake, superficial or materialistic people ok. 😊 Now that that’s all said and done and out of the way let’s get to my profile. Hello my name is Sergio Buontempi and I am on this website seeking ever lasting, unconditional true love. Yes I admit that this sounds a little corny but it is true. I want a love that will last me a life time I seek unconditional true love the one and exact same unconditional true love that our heavenly Father has for all of us. I have been here on this website for a good number of years now and my search does not seem to be getting any better either but I still believe that hope springs eternal. You can’t force anyone to like you. You can’t force anyone to love you. You can’t force anyone to stay with you if they don’t want to. We all have freedom of choice and free will. Loving someone and being faithful and loyal to them and them alone is a choice as well. There is no point in loving someone if you are not loved by them in return as well. There is no point in being loyal and faithful to someone if they are not loyal and faithful to you in return. This is just how love and life is. Give and take. I am just a friendly, simple, down to earth man. That’s all I am. I'm not superficial or materialistic. I do not seek or want perfection. I just want to life a long and happy life here on this earth full of laughter, happiness, smiles and true love and good times and good memories with my children and my one special lady by my side until I am called back to my good lord’s kingdom. I have two children from a previous marriage. My daughter is 11 years old and my son is 13. Please do remember Judge not least Ye be judged. It's unbelievable that even here on a Christian dating website that there are still cam-girls and scammers and fake people and fictitious profiles on here who just want to play games and waste your time and try to get money out of you or airtime (internet data) out of you and hide behind email addresses. No one is going to take you seriously if you have no photos on your profile. Walk a mile is someone else’s shoes before you judge them because you never know what they maybe going through in their life. And remember that even if you do end up video chatting with someone from this website that this does not mean that they are honourable and genuine and sincere or honest or nice or even a good person they may simply be telling you the words that you want and like to hear and nothing more. So do be very careful with matters of the heart on here ok. Remember fools rush in where angel's fear to tread. Don’t invest your time and energy into those who won’t also invest their time and energy into you as well. Unfortunately there are a lot of people on here that are just not worth your energy, time or even worth talking to simple as that. Don’t be possessive or demanding either because these are never good quality’s to have ever. Good luck and God bless us all here 😊
First Date
Gaming, Dinner, Dancing, Music, Singing, Cinema and then Karaoke maybe but let's see how things naturally flow and how well we click first and then we can both decided on what we would like to do together :)
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