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I'm a creative person, it's in my DNA! I love to paint and write and express myself this way. I am fearfully and wonderfully made! Much of my faith is expressed in these terms. I enjoy lots of different things; Too many to list here. I've been getting into road cycling and healthier living. Eating less processed foods, more organic if I can afford it!

I like to work and enjoy what I do, but I like my down time or time off, life is too short to waste any spare moment, so take advantage, make life what you want and don't become complacent or take things for granted!

My faith is important to me as it should be to you, our relationship to God and to Jesus is paramount to each other. We would enjoy attending spirit filled worship, prayer together, reading devotionals, growing in our faith together equally yoked, looking for the best in one another, going to the next level God wills!

I'm ready for my greatest relationship, bound in Christ, one in Christ as Christ is in the Father, to make real Christ's prayer for us to be one and thus connected. I wish the most close and intimate relationship with a soul mate on a deeper level that what we see out there in the world and call worldly for we are alive in Christ, Spiritually alive and set apart for His good purpose!

May you be blessed in your search for the love God intends for you!
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There are seasons the soul remembers,
When the storms of life
ravage and rage
and the wild winds blow
there is a refuge that I go

Where I lay it down in pieces
where I lay it down in shattered pieces
my brokenness, my bones fallen at His feet
on bended knee, on bended knee
There is a Friend I know, whose yoke is easy
There is a Healer I know who sets my burdens free.

O, starlit sky, the dawn You summon
ever fleeting glimpse of winter
fading subtly into spring
There is a season the earth remembers
and in her warm spring rain tastes solace sweet!
What in winter lay leafless, lost and barren,
In spring grows green, again grows green!

There is a voice carried upon the wind,
upon the wind, upon the whispering wind
That says I love you, I have always loved you
There is no place you can go
where Love cannot find you
Love will find a way, even in your darkest day,
Love will find a way, Love will never forsake you
Love is right beside you now.

And when the day Glory comes to greet you
And with joy your spirit will trade
And sorrow fade, And sorrow fade,
The sun will come around to a new day
The sun will shine hope on a new day
And darkness flees like storms in passing
Like storms in passing

There is a refuge that I go
Where I lay it down in pieces
Where I lay it down in shattered pieces
My brokenness, my bones fallen at His feet
On bended knee, on bended knee
There is a Friend I know, whose yoke is easy
There is a Healer I know who sets my spirit free!

And though we suffer, for but a little while
And in our weakness made strong
It is to our Lord our souls belong
To the One suffered more than you and I
For by the Cross, by His blood
all our sin was slain
So give up the pain, Give up the pain!

Do not lose heart, grow faint or weary,
Be it in long-suffering like Job
Who was tried and tested
to curse God and die!
Yet, Refrain in faithfulness maintain
No, Not I,
Not I
And when salvation sings its song for you so sweetly
And by faith,
your hope and strength is renewed
Come quickly! Come quickly!
There will be no more tears to cry
But, Rejoice, Rejoice!
All you Saints
Be lifted up on Eagles wings
on Eagles wings, we will fly
To Paradise! To Paradise!
Where Glory waits, where Glory waits
With a leap of Faith!
Take to the Sky!
Take to the Sky!

By Michael Spencer McNee
Copyright March 2007
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