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It would be nice to meet ONE person from the U.S. that does NOT play games with a relationship and know the need for 2 people to have unconditional love for each other!!!!!!!!!!!! ( Sooooooooooo tired of young ladies who play games with a relationship AND say they believe in God too.)

I stand on Gen. 2!!!!!!! God BROUGHT Adam his wife. Adam did NOT have to ask DOZENS of young ladies to like him.

I'm an ULTRA-Conservative Messianic waiting for the one G-d has for me.

G-d willing, it would be nice to be liked by someone one here who is SERIOUS and have a lasting relationship in 2018.
It would be nice to be liked by someone who means it when she says she loves me. Can REAL love be found these days?

I like this one young lady's statement on her profile: "I want to be the reason you look down at your phone and smile...then walk into a pole."

Hoping for someone from here in the U.S. who is serious and a wonderful person G-d has for me.
Tired of being "LIKED" by people who does not really believe the Bible. Where is a young lady who is who she says she is?

Wondering if I will get to meet, marry, and thank a young lady ( from here in the U.S.) for finding and LIKING my page.

Go and bless ONE PERSON!!!!!!!!!!!! ( You never know how far one blessing will reach.)

Hoping for that one person where we both "click" with each other and are there for each other.

Hoping for a young lady where we are both HAPPY to get a message from each other on here. Hoping for a good and lasting relationship with a young lady who means it when she finally says that she loves me.

Praying for a kind, honest, and loyal young lady that I can always THANK G-d for.

Prayerfully hoping for a young lady who sees LOVE rather than DOLLAR $IGN$ when it comes to having a good relationship and marriage.

*REVISING page to say that I will not put limits on how tall or short a young lady is.* Are all the single young ladies here in the U.S. already in a relationship? Any Caucasian, honest, loyal, Torah-loving, young ladies who truly value a relationship ( from Texas or willing to come visit AND see if either of us wants to or can move in the future) on here? *ANOTHER try of revising my page to try to get good young lady from this site!!!!!!*

It would be nice to be found by a young lady here in the U.S. who always likes to talk to me.

I am conservative and, at the same time, it would be nice to have a young lady's hand to hold. Wanting a relationship where both understand and help each other.

Slim, loyal, honest, SINGLE, Torah-loving male praying for a
Slim, loyal, honest, SINGLE, Torah-loving female.

Do you ever notice that when you are SINGLE it seems like EVERYONE ELSE has a relationship?

Ever feel tired of not having someone to do life with?

Wanting someone's hand to hold- for the rest of our lifes.
3 is a crowd. Hope 2 be loved by the right 1.

Only VIRGIN young ladies need apply. I want a marriage that from G-d. ( For some reason G-d had other plans for me other than Canada.)
Adam stood in a Garden. Isaac stood in a field. Here I send.

A single message can turn into MESSAGES. Messages can turn into a RELATIONSHIP. A relationship can turn into HAPPY MARRIAGE. It would be great to have someone where we always like talking to each other. Prov. 25:25-- "Like cold water to a weary soul, So is good news from a distant land."

Please only VIRGIN young ladies for a relationship. It would be nice to get to know each other and with someone wonderful.

:stop: Will bless me with a great relationship in 2015 and ON-WARD? Seeking a relationship were both know the other person VALUES them. :stop: ( May standards might be high, but I still believe has someone for me.)

How it there are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo MANY people here- in this site- and yet it is RARE to ever meet someone IN PERSON!!!!!!? Are all the short, sweet, kind, and loyal young ladies in Canada or the U.S. taken? I hope not.

:stop: BIBLICALLY WAITING. ( Gen. 24:63-67) Hoping to be liked by a REAL person. Please only VIRGIN young ladies for a meaningful relationship. [ I find that it is too hard to be "unequally yoked" with non-virgins who have already....... ( Well, you know.)] :stop:

Praying with hope that G-d has a and loyal young lady for me. :hearts: Someone who still believes the Bible the Word of .

Joshua 1:7-9: 7 "Only be strong and very courageous; be careful to do according to all the law which Moses My servant commanded you; do not turn from it to the right or to the left, so that you may have success wherever * you go. 8 "This book of the TORAH shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it; for then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have success. 9 "Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous! Do not tremble or be dismayed, for the LORD your G-d is with you wherever * you go."

Real joy comes from G-d-- AT THE SAME TIME it would be nice to be with someone who felt INCOMPLETE if we were apart!!!!!!!!!! :excited: :yay:

The SHORTER and KINDER a young lady is - the BETTER. :hearts:

ALL the couples I read of in the Bible seem to have a fairly good relationship. ( Granted not perfect.) So I am hoping for a GOOD relationship from with a young lady.



One of the emperors said to Rabon Gamliel:

"Your a thief, as it written, 'And the Lord caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept. And He took a rib from Adam.'"

The Rabbi's daughter said, "Let me answer this aspersion. Last night robbers broke into my room, and stole therefrom a silver vessel: but they left a golden one in its stead."

The emperor replied, "I wish that such thieves would come every night."

Thus was it with Adam; took a rib from him, but placed a woman instead of it.


Not everyone gets a relationship on this site. I'd like to hope and know OTHER-WISE.
Tired of being single. Wise enough to not get married tomorrow.

Where are the relationships where 2 people are able to say they have saved themselves ( i.e. sexually) for each other for their wedding night. :glow: :nicenurse:

Who is willing to get married under the chuppah?

:stop: and STAY 4 :hearts:

:stop: for the profile. Stay for the relationship.

Do you want this site to result in a relationship that is filled with , hope, closeness, and loyalty?

I wonder who will be the FIRST to add me to her FAVs!!!!!!!! :peace: Deep-sown I think all of us wonder what it takes ( or took- for a past relationship) to be liked by someone- never-mind the fact that we are on-line.

"It ( the Torah) a tree of life for those who take hold of it and all its supporters are praiseworthy. Its ways are ways of pleasantness and all its paths are peace. Bring us back to you, O LORD, and we shall return. Renew our days as days of old."

I want to a young lady who loves :hearts: the TORAH ( i.e. the 5 Books of Moshe/Moses).

Of course it would be nice to know what a young lady wants in life. A good relationship needs to be where both people see to bless and be there for the other person. Neither member perfect- we all fail in areas of life. What matter knowing that both will be there for the other person years from now.

If I could rearrange the alphabet; I'd ............. write it in HEBREW!!!!!!!!!!

What would you like to talk about?

SPORTS = :zzzz: _____ LOYAL young ladies = :yay:

I miss the days of getting 2 IMs on this site- AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!!!!!! :excited: :yay:

Where is the kind and loyal relationship each person seeks from this site?

It is true that I am the type of person who often has his nose in a book- the Scriptures- but this does not mean that I do not desire a relationship with a young lady.

Life is very hard these days. I need someone who will stand with me throygh all the hardship and help me stand with her.

I hope there are still loyal young ladies who stay in a relationship and will not run into the arm of a new relationship just because it is easier and closer and ARE THE MOMENT "more fun". ( Sorry for the lack of a picture on THIS site. I am just wise enough to not show my face to the WHOLE WORLD. Rather I want to share a picture of myself with someone I can grow to trust.)

I still live in the U.S., but I am seriously looking for a job/career in CANADA.......... unless someone from the U.S. can prove to me that there are still pros to stay in the U.S.!!!!!!

My standards: ( Ideally I am wanting someone who is CLOSE ( 8 or 9 out of 10) to this.)

A young lady who is:

age: 18 to 38

lives in: Canada, U.S., or Israel

willing to relocate if G-d allows us a new place outside of Texas

Height: 5 ft. 3 or shorter ( At times I wish I was younger and TALLER.)

ethnicity: Caucasian or European

does not smoke

ideally a virgin ( I will underline the parts that I cannot waver on. I am not trying for PERFECTION but rather listing what I prefer.)

Is employed?- YES!!!!

body type: slender, average, petite, or athletic

congregations: Messianic or part of a congregation that is pro-Torah, Tanakh, and Israel

Who is SINGLE & LOYAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( i.e. does not have a boyfriend on the side or the type to get with a NEW relationship after a couple of years just because the person lives near her)

:stop: Will bless me with a great relationship in 2015 and ON-WARD? Start a relationship, value it, and never let it go. :stop:

With as many people as are on this site- surely we can find each other. :hearts: :glow:

A good relationship is where two people are with each other and also know that each person a sinner saved by faith in the Lord.

Or- Key to a relationship- be liked by someone who DONESN'T want to be single anymore!!!!!!!

We can talk about a picture of myself if we are really serious about a relationship.

People wonder why I do not have a pic on here. Well, what good that do if people close their profile from this site before getting to know people and see that we can trust each other?

I am more of a dog person than a fan of cats. ( As with all things some things are open to life-style, but it would be nice to be match as much as possible with someone.)

You gotta FIGHT :boxing: for your RIGHT :rocknroll: to PARTY!!!!!!! :party:

I wonder: If I add a little more each day to my profile- how long will ti take to get a relationship that will last?

True waits? Okay, I'll wait. :rolleyes: ( I have written this and other things on my profile. The longer I wait the LONGER the profile get on here. With 's grace- I hope the right young lady will find and like me.)

It my pray that G-d will allow for me to have a conservative young lady where we can agree on things more often than disagree. ( I will explain later on an issue that impacts my family where I am MORE conservative than my parents.)

I will work to build this to be longer.
First Date
Will she still be loyal a year from now?

I want a young lady who will be HAPPY to see she has a message from m on here, HAPPY that we are in a relationship, and HAPPY that we have a chance to some-day get married to each other.

Are there any serious young ladies who know that we males want a relationship and that even though we do not think the same way that the key to STAY in a loving and relationship? :hearts:

:zzzz:.........( :excited: :nicenurse::nicenurse::nicenurse: Dreaming of being SURROUNDED by young ladies and ONE of them liking me and I her.)

:stop: ------Ever wish that 2 people meant to meet would meet?------ :stop:

I think most SPORTS are boring :zzzz: and that and LOYAL young ladies from Canada or the U.S. are AWESOME!!!!! :hearts: :yay:

:stop: Will bless me with a great relationship in 2015 and ON-WARD? Seeking a relationship were both know the other person VALUES them. :stop:
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