Torah Observant, born again, and Love to share the Gospel

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Studying God's holy word, praying, I love praise and worship, sharing the Gospel, teaching, the ocean and water, cycling, Fitness, Mexican food, classic cars,, archery, hunting, and being a good representative of my Father who is in heaven
About Me
Hello, and thanks for viewing my profile. I'm only interested in women who are BORN AGAIN, and have a strong walk with Father, and are in love with Messiah. :)

I'm so sorry, but my profile age is wrong and I cannot correct it. I haven't used this profile in many years. I didn't realize that the age shown is 10 years younger than my actual age.

About me...I'm a born again Christian man who loves Jesus.
I believe...
That Yeshua HaMeshiac (Jesus Christ) is Elohim (God) incarnate, and died for the salvation of all who would believe in Him
In the Trinity
That one must be born again to have a relationship with Elohim, and to love with Him eternally
We are to keep the commandments (not all 612, but the ones that apply to us individually), the feasts, and the celebrations. I don't believe this is salvational, but I do it because He commanded us to do it, and I love and respect Him
Baptism isn't salvational, but it is an outward sign of an inward change
We are to share the gospel with everyone we meet
We are to love each other, respect each other, exhort each each other, and humbly and lovingly correct each other when we're wrong and or in sin
Study scripture daily
Pray without ceasing
In the gifts and fruits of the HaKodesh (

I'm looking for a Proverbs 31 woman with the string Spirit of Deborah.
I love the Northwest so much. I love the outdoors, nature, hiking, cycling, kayaking or anything to do with the water or ocean, praising God, studying his word and I love to pray. It's such an honor to be able to go to the creator of everything in prayer!

Health and fitness are also very important to me, as it should be to you as well. These are some of the things I'm looking for in a potential helpmate. Praise God that we have a form like this to meet like-minded believers. I also am completely convinced that this is the first year (2023) of the 7 years of famine spoken of in prophetic scripture. This will lead up to tribulation. I am preparing to endure to the end, as Messiah commanded in Matthew 24:13. Yes, I believe that we will be here for the tribulation. I have much cohesive scripture to back it up. I hope we can all be equally yoked! God bless you and thank you for looking at my profile :-)
First Date
I'm a pretty simple guy, and I'm looking for a simple girl. I think the first date should be just an opportunity to get to know each other in a quiet setting so we can talk.
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