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ReadyForEternity is Single in Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1 ReadyForEternity is Single in Tulsa, Oklahoma, 2 ReadyForEternity is Single in Tulsa, Oklahoma, 3 ReadyForEternity is Single in Tulsa, Oklahoma, 4 ReadyForEternity is Single in Tulsa, Oklahoma, 5 ReadyForEternity is Single in Tulsa, Oklahoma, 6 ReadyForEternity is Single in Tulsa, Oklahoma, 7
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Hi there ladies :) I live a fun life. Traveled 82 countries and 50 states. My goal is 100, would you like to join me? ;) Those experiences have shaped who I am today.. confident, outgoing, and ready for anything!

Been living/studying/working off & on throughout Australia since 2001 (16 years overall). Also lived and worked all over New Zealand in 2007, and again in 2011. I've traveled Europe extensively, visited South & Central America, explored a lot of Asia and most of the Middle East.

My priorities are in order... Christ is first place in my life and I do try to read my bible daily. I'm not perfect and do not expect perfect. I am certainly spontaneous, but always responsible, so there is a healthy balance ;) I own several businesses and stay quite busy, but will make time for the right woman. I own 2 homes, in 2 different cities and I'm in both those cities 5 days a week. One house is paid off and the other will be in 3 years. I hate debt & have perfect credit, so I'm financially responsible and often save more than I spend. Never married and no kiddos. But I have dated an Aussie woman for 2 years with 2 young boys. I love children and i love Jesus.

I would honor an opportunity to be a father to a child without a father or a good role model in their life. It would be an absolute honor to raise a child to know our Savior Jesus. If you don't have any children that is fine too. I have no idea what God has in store, but I am willing to date a woman who already has a child or two. I would be happy with or without children, so I'd be content either way. I always prefer God's will before my will. He knows what is best for me :)

I often hear that I look like I'm in my mid 20s, usually guessed as 25 to 27... So if we meet in person, you can be certain I look exactly like my photos :)

May God bless you as you continually seek His son, our Savior, Jesus Christ our Lord.
First Date
Primarily here to meet an Australian or New Zealander, as these are the two countries I spent most my adult life and where I desire to reside. Prior to Covid I was in AU & NZ every year. I've lived in every state of AU and all over NZ. Chances are high I have lived in a city near you and will be back!
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