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Being Faithful to Lord Jesus, meeting new people, and travel
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I am only interested in women who live in Southern Oregon, USA

I am sensitive to a fault. But this is an asset to my ministry the Lord gave me. I was born again and baptized by Lord Jesus in holy Spirit, into the Kingdom of God. I have been delivered from the power of sin, darkness, and eternal death through faith in Jesus Christ. Our Lord Jesus Christ and God, the Father are the love, the light, and the life in me.

I love generosity, honesty, Truth, and Grace. I am very passionate in love towards Christ Jesus and God... and touchy-feely with those I love. I am more of a loner and enjoy my home because I can shut the door to the evil and anti-Christian USA culture, and enjoy the presence of my Lord and my God at home. I spend most of my time solo, because of my sensitive nature, but I am friendly. I like depth in relationships, based on faith, hope, and love; where the Lord is Our Peace and we walk in the Light before Him in that relationship.

I despise materialism, insecurity, pride, nationalism, divisiveness and pettiness. I am fond of European culture, and I would love to move (for a change) to Malta or Spain, Portugal, Israel, or Greece if the Lord wills.

I enjoy living in Southern Oregon, and If the Lord wills, I want to move away from the noisy city. Also, I want to retire from driving a car. I do NOT enjoy driving at all. I would rather walk/bike everywhere, and this is possible here in certain areas.

I have lived all over the US; from Vermont to Hawaii, mostly in urban Southern California...I only miss the weather and a few restaurants....NOTHING ELSE.

I have traveled to several countries in Europe; also Mexico, Columbia, Israel, Australia, and New Zealand. I really enjoyed Israel and Greece.

I am set apart from the world by God and I reject the doctrine of men...only hearing the Good Shepherd's voice as our true Teacher in truth and grace...leading us to the green pastures in the love of God by faith. Therefore, "Church" is not what we "attend"...we are members of a living Vine, an Olive tree, or Body of members; which Christ the Lord, is the Head...and the Head of Christ is God Himself..... The Logos, the Word of Life and Truth, became flesh, in the name of Jesus the Christ, the Lord Jesus, the Son Of God; whom God sent into the world to fulfill all righteousness, even unto the death on a cross, a living sacrifice foreordained by God; in taking away our sins. God raised Him from the dead and He ascended to Heaven until a day He will return in judgment of all men and women. He now reigns in God's Kingdom of Heaven at God's right hand on His throne, and over His called and chosen children in His body, His bride.
We must repent, and believe in Jesus Christ, the Son of God as our only Lord and Savior and in His resurrection from the dead. To be His disciple, we must forsake all that we are, and follow Him with 100% of our love and worship of Christ unto the glory of God, the Father in the faith He supplies as we become Hearers and Doers of the Word, as dear children, being transformed into the image of Christ....always walking in the Spirit and in fellowship with God and Christ together with His family.

I will only consider a partner that is like-minded to such a basic doctrine.

I pray that the Lord will provide someone faithful that has never been married, or divorced... and for someone that is loving, kind, and soft spoken.

I am happily single, but I would count the cost of the vow of marriage. I have health issues from sleep apnea that keep me at home mostly. The Lord has blessed me with the grace of bearing a consecrated life to the Lord, while being single.
First Date
I simply love to walk, and I would like to find a fellow pedestrian.

I would enjoy a first date strolling through Lithia Park in Ashland, and getting a bite to eat creekside (a little slice of Europe in our backyard).

We would spend the time sharing our Lord and His presence and just enjoy the connection that may happen, if the Lord wills.

I am committed to purity before Our Lord and our God..if I can wait 60 years...then, I can wait 5 months ...or..? - as long as it takes.
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