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A 2nd Timothy Chapter 2 Verses 3 & 4 Man looking for a Proverbs 31 woman!!!

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Just ask me.

Well actually... I do admit truthfully AND VERY unapologetically that I was raised in a Mennonite home, run by a SINGLE mom. And so you get a better overview of why I am the way that I am, I'll tell you that my adoptive mom was born in 1917. She was in her 50s when she decided to become my foster mom. And it's very possible that her parents were born in the late 1800s. So when I say that I'm OLD FASHIONED, I'm technically two generations away from the 1800s. I refer to myself as being VERY OLD SCHOOL!

Also, I chose Baptist as the answer to the type of church that I was raised in. Actually, Mennonites are more accurately known as Anabaptists.

I'll just let you know that I'm in a wheelchair and I was born 10 January, 1973. I'm currently overweight at the moment, but I'm working to resculpt my body and lose quite a few pounds. I'm 100% independent by myself, with The Help of God. I'm a Trinitarian, Holy Bible kjv onlyist, Holy Bible reading, Holy Bible believing, countryside farm boy from Manitoba Canada. To me, being Trinitarian means that I wholeheartedly believe that The Holy Father IS NOT The Holy Son, nor is He The Holy Spirit! The same thing goes for The Holy Son, as well as The Holy Spirit! They, all THR33 of Them, are Unique AND Distinct from each Other!

I do NOT believe in the idea of having ANY denominations, therefore I'm NOT currently subscribed to the idea of belonging to any one particular denomination. Also I do NOT currently attend any particular place of worship. If you happen to believe what I believe, then that's good enough for me. Finally, I'm a firm believer in house churches, and therefore, I do NOT call ANY building a church. The church mentioned in the new testament is a body of beliEVERs and NOT a building! As for the building, I'll only refer to it as a place of worship!

I currently do NOT work, and therefore I'm also on ODSP. In addition, I also currently live in a long term care nursing home up in the old part of Toronto also known as York.

I'm aspiring to be an ASMR artist on YouTube some time in the near future!

Finally, I would describe myself as a minimalist. I do not have an overabundance of worldly or materialistic possessions. Every thing that I do own can be comfortably placed in a large hockey bag type of duffle bag or tote bag. This includes all of my clothes, my smartphone, my little laptop, my Holy Bible KJV, and my wallet with personal pieces of government issued identification!

Because I was adopted and raised in a strict Mennonite home, I'm only into women who...

a) ONLY wear modest ankle length skirts and dresses. NO pants or any slacks. I wear black or blue denim jeans and black dress pants only. I also wear plain colored tees with no logos on them. In the future I might wear tees with CHRISTIAN slogans on them, but that's a different subject. So, in other words, NOTHING vulgar.

b) ONLY wear blouses that DON'T reveal cleavage, or that AREN'T sheer and see-through. I wear thick tee shirts that DON'T advertise logos or brands on the front of the t-shirt.

c) DON'T wear makeup. I don't wear makeup whatsoever.

d) DON'T wear jewelry. IF she wears jewellery glorifying God, then this is okay. I ONLY wear my dog tags and perhaps MAYBE in the future I'll purchase some jewellery that will praise my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!!!

e) DON'T own a television set. I personally do NOT own a TV or a DVD machine. I'm NOT into ANY sports OR TV shows whatsoever! I also DO NOT watch music videos, or reality shows either. IF she is into similar movies that I'm ALSO into, like documentaries, movies about superheroes based on comic books, and movies based upon factual things or historical things, then I feel that this is okay and acceptable to watch.

f) DON'T wear immodest footwear like stilettos or high heels. Only runners and sneakers, or flats, or flat pumps.

g) attend house church services regularly, AND who DON'T have a jezebel spirit and who DON'T try to run and manage the man's life.

h) talk with simple and beautiful language, and who DON'T swear or speak with proud and boastful language.

i) CONSTANTLY love to wear their hair long, no matter what the time of season is. Putting their hair into a ponytail is acceptable. I'm not into a woman who wears her hair into a bun, as my mother wore her hair in a bun, and I really don't want my future girlfriend to physically remind me of my mother. That's such a turn off.

There's an old Russian proverb:---> I'd rather scare you off with the truth, than mislead you with a lie!
First Date
I'll save the candlelight dinners for my future wife. On a first date, I want to focus on meaningful talks full of God and Holy Truths, over decaf coffee or tea, and oh hey, who's kidding who... also with strawberry, cherry, peach, pomegranate (?), or some other type of jelly, jam, or fruit filled doughnuts!!
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