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NOTE: I'm moving to San Antonio, Texas shortly, so if you're from Michigan, I'll soon be far away....

Looking for a devout Christian woman with whom I can find common ground in ideas of what is fun, and theological and social values.

My favorite activity for fun is dancing, particularly at raves. I go to raves on average about once a month, and in the summer I go to EDM festivals. I love going to raves�I love the music, the laser lights, the glowsticks, and the way a person can wear anything from jeans and a t-shirt to Hello Kitty or Pokemon costumes or butterfly wings or glow-in-the-dark clothes�yet everyone is accepted. I love dancing and usually dance for hours. I love the killer bass when it vibrates through my whole body and massages the hairs on my arm. Awesome.

In the summer, I like to go to amusement parks and ride roller coasters -- the higher, the faster, the better!

I don�t have to go to big events to have fun, though�I have great fun dancing to EDM or other styles of music at home.

In general, I have a childlike enjoyment in life and would like to find a partner who shares that delight in the little things of life.

Speaking of what I�m looking for in someone�first on the list is that I need someone whose life is centered on a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. However, I have an aversion to bandwagon evangelical Christian culture, which is dominated by peer pressure, so I would prefer to be with a Christian who is not shackled to either peer pressure or authoritarian churches, but who seeks the Holy Spirit and Scripture for understanding of the nature of God and what he requires of us.

I am highly attracted to women who like to wear their hair in bright colors -- pink, purple, green, blue, etc., or multiple bright colors. I like women who wear clothes with bright colors, shiny fabrics, bold styles.

I desire to find a sensual woman -- sensual in all aspects of the word: romantically and erotically sensual, but also sensual as in the five senses -- you revel in tasty flavors on the tongue, pleasant touch to the skin, beautiful sounds to the ears, delightful aromas wafting to the nose, and spectacular sights to the eyes.

Dancing is very important to me. I can�t imagine marrying someone who doesn�t enjoy dancing. As for dance steps, I don�t know any, but would love to learn. I only know move-to-the-music kind of dancing; experiencing even this with a partner is fun and romantic.

I seek someone to have deep heart-to-heart talks with. Kindness and gentleness are important. (By gentleness, I do not mean quiet, but rather the opposite of hard-edged or harsh in interactions with others.) It�s important to me to have someone who understands the weakness of humans and thus is full of mercy and forgiveness toward others. I want someone who is secure in herself and not jealous; someone who is loyal, open-minded, and has a childlike appreciation of life.

I am a member at an LGBTQ-fully-inclusive evangelical-type church (Blue Ocean), and am part of two small groups, one with my church and one with the ministry to ravers that I'm involved in. My church only meets in the mornings, and I am not a morning person, so I frequently attend church on Saturday evenings at Metro City (6:30 service) or occasionally at 2|42 Ann Arbor. If you go to either of those services, let's meet! Sit together in church and hang out a bit afterward....

I welcome messages from those who have detailed profiles, or give me a detailed description in their message to me. I am not inclined to respond to messages from someone who reveals very little about herself (i.e. one-sentence messages). I prefer someone who enjoys exchanging longer messages. (Apparently no one reads this paragraph because I get lots of one-liner messages. This tells me you're not even reading my profile, so why would I be inclined to respond?)
First Date
Go to a rave together!!! Or maybe that could be the second date. If we don't go to a rave on the first date, we could take a stroll in the park, or go roller skating or play miniature golf. I'm not a fan of coffee shops or restaurants.
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