a dedicated Christian 7 days a week but not perfect. grounded but still like to be silly, have fun

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Worship, bicycling, movies, mountains, kids, board games, just plain out spending time with a special someone
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Only looking to connect with someone locally.

Readers Digest version. :)
Me :
a dedicated Christian 7 days a week but not perfect.
grounded but still like to be silly, have fun and laugh.
Had an ego boost when I became Fear Factor Champion at Universal Studios in 2019 for the afternoon show.
enjoy being with a special person no matter what the occasion.
like the simple things in life and love being around kids of all ages.

Looking for someone similar and:
who likes to hold hands and give and receive real hugs.
who likes to be close and give and receive appropriate affection.
someone to be one with for life and not a 50/50 partnership.
someone who can still be silly and have fun at right times, and serious and thoughtful at the right times.

The LONG version (:
I am pretty new to all of this. I have only been on a few dates in the last 2 years. This era of my life is my first time in over 20 years to be looking at dating. At times it feels kind of overwhelming but I am ready to meet a special lady with whom we both feel to be a good fit. I know that most on this site are wonderful women, and I also know that compatibility is not necessarily shown by the percentage score. And even 100% doesn't mean that 2 people will click, which means that they hopefully enjoy meeting someone new as friend and keep looking for their Mr/Mrs right.
I have been dedicated to Christ since I was 16. I am not nor ever have been perfect, but Christ doesn't expect that. He does expect us to be striving for perfection, asking for forgiveness, and not making excuses to not try. His Word is the basis for my beliefs, not my feelings or what is politically correct. I will not change His Word nor use it out of context. And at the same time many use the Bible to hammer people and not love them. Truly the phrase "Love the sinner, but hate the sin" is the embodiment of Christ and His Word. None of us are perfect but many of the sins we choose have different level consequences in our earthly lives.
I enjoy the simple things in life and don't require anything fancy, but that doesn't mean that I don't like nice things. I greatly enjoy the mountains. I don't cook except pancakes on rare occasions. I do like to laugh and kid around with others but not at someone.
What I am looking for?? Devotion to Jesus Christ and His Word which is demonstrated thru her daily actions and attitude towards others, not someone who is perfect, but someone who is striving. And she must truly love children. I have always enjoyed interacting with kids whether it is play, serious talk, helping, being silly, rough house-ing, providing care, or sharing about Jesus. My beautiful girl had global delays due to a chromosome disorder. I was her main caregiver for 12 1/2 years until she went to Heaven 5 yrs ago. I have always wanted lots of children but apparently I will not have any more biological children and am looking forward to loving on others' children. I still try to stay involved in the lives of 3 foster kids that I was the main caregiver for back in 2011-12 who currently reside in Georgia. I am now their "Uncle". And I have a lot of local biological nieces and nephews.
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No pressure, casual, safe setting, chance to talk and interact without interruptions.
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