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The beach, shopping, baking desserts, eating cookie dough, daydreaming, reading, horseback riding, Disney fan, amusement parks, the movies, entertainment, traveling, swimming, going to haunted looking gothic cemeteries and taking photos of haunting places
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Hi, I'm Danielle, I'm a pretty easygoing, romantic, outgoing, and love to have fun, more child-like kind of person. While I'm Christian however, I am not a religious fanatic. Yes, following Jesus is the most important thing, but that doesn't mean my life is a constant bible study 24/7. I also am big into not being judgemental. I have been very turned off at how many fellow Christians act like they have some inside knowledge of your soul's destiny and accuse you of being unsaved for daring to go through times when you feel you are angry at God or just straight up don't like him. Drunks at bars often act nicer and more understanding than many self-declared biased Christ followers. And that's a big turn off, that my tribe has unfortunately and ironically some of the most judgemental ppl on this planet, including many who will step on their fellow Christians when they're down. And accuse others of not being saved and go around acting as self-designated soul evaluators. It's a big turn off.

Back to myself, while I don't want to forget about God and doing what He wants me to do, I also want to in addition to helping the poor etc want to actually enjoy the life He gave me before I hit the coffin. I accept that if the Anti-Christ arrives along with his False Prophet BFF in my time I'm going to have to get my head hacked off/ or be burned/starved /etc for not taking his ego mark, but in the meantime I want to enjoy the happy time I have and the blessings God has given me including going to his gorgeous sparkling ocean, etc.

I notice guys I meet who are Christian unfortunately tend to be either more hardcore/bible obsessed and often -- judgemental-- 24/7, OR they're on the other side of the spectrum and say they're Christian but don't act like it and want me to send them naked pictures or have sex with them, etc. Lol! It's like I deal with the Jekl and Hydes of Christianity! In other words, they're either quite a bit under or over what my personal Christian lifestyle is and I'm looking for someone like me who is neither of those, a more I guess more balanced follower without being either hardcore or even worse, judgemental, or barely acting like a true follower of God, but is real with who they are and real with God. Someone with whom I can be nakedly honest with, just like how I tell God whatever the heck is on my mind.

I love the beach more than anything and being in the waves/snorkeling, and am big into tropical islands and sea creatures, a "bahama mama" or 'Finding Dory' type!! Lol! :D!!! I love water period. I also am addicted to/love amusement parks like Knotts Berry Farm and horseback riding, traveling, shopping, the movies, listening to music, and lately have gotten into casino video poker and enjoy occasionally hitting up casinos like Morongo to play the Jacks or Better/Super Aces machines from time to time to see if I'll get lucky. :-)

I guess you could call me an aspiring actress/filmmaker with a day job, although career-wise, I'm also considering becoming a teacher & still pursuing the filmmaking/acting thing on weekends & spare time/school breaks. I love doing impressions, my favorites being Cartman from Southpark, the Disney princesses, evil witches, Kardashians, Britney Spears, British Nanny 911 (the one whose hired to fix peoples outta control kids lol), etc etc! XD)) :D >:O

I'm looking for a guy whose very expressive, has a unique personality, romantic, smart, unusual, who stimulates me/has chemistry with me, and most importantly is a good person. I hear a lot of bad stories of peoples partners or husbands turning lousy on them after they put the rings on which worries me. I want someone who though imperfect like me, is not someone I'm going to have to worry about morphing into some selfish, controlling, lazy or jerky person and betraying my trust in who I thought they were. That being said I know every normal relationship has arguments or fights over things at times or times both partners will make mistakes, etc. But I want someone who I know, like me, is not going to suddenly turn into some jerk and reveal themselves to be a lousy person, even though of course everyone has imperfect moments/times they need to apologize for something etc. Someone honest, rare, and genuine.

I know there's a lot of guys also struggling to find someone special who won't cheat or disappoint them or reveal themselves to be flakey/douchey, so if you're a guy whose goin through what I've been goin through- Man! I feel for you! and I hope you get a break some day soon. :) I like guys who are artistic, funny/comedic types, unique, bold and also aren't afraid of making the 1st move.

Politically I'm pretty liberal/Democrat, except for being personally against abortion, and am looking for someone with similar political values. While it's not impossible for a Democrat and Republican to come together, I don't really see myself with someone who condones the GOP's stances of taking away minimum wage, the party's War against the Poor, their screw you attitude to everyone who isn't fortunate in society, and their fake proclaimed love for Christ while having nothing to do with Jesus'es actual values and commandments. I'm a big Bernie Sander's fan! I'm very into help the homeless, Democratic Socialism, and following the life Jesus outlined for us even though it's hard. I have begun going to church again after years of avoiding the place despite being Christian due to high levels of con artists, but have happily found a good place.

I'm a very contradictory person in a lot of ways, I am very scared of real paranormal activity but love horror films, I think about the future even after death and I definitely have some issues/struggles with God even though I'm Christian. I'd like to find another plane off center hopefully to exist on as much as possible, which is why I love art, and all things escapism, except for dolphin retreats. I'm very anti-captivity with animals. I also love Disney films and am a bit of a diva, I love swimming in pools, "kissing for hours, talkin, makin plans" (a favorite Darren Hayes lyric), baking desserts, watching movies and my favorite shows like Real Time with Bill Maher.
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Anything is fine, from frozen yogurt to Mexican food to miniature golf to Carls Jr, Im not picky. :)
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