put the same energy into love that you put into hate...peace and blessings

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writing music, recording music, drawing, going to the movies, going to the mall, meeting decent folks etc etc
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question? when a baby is born does he or she comes with a set of instructions? think about that for a moment

twenty years ago i gave my life to the lord and it took me a few years but i learn to love every minute of it, sure i still battle struggles and demons like the rest and who's to say that will even go away as a matter of fact as long as we are serving the lord those trials and tribulations are here to stay, yes for a minute they disappear but their's always another one around the corner, the trick is its a matter of how we respond to those test.

i do my best to enjoy life and live it like tomorrow it my last day..i have to say though, im kind of boring, yes i do the fun "normal'' things like go to the mall, movies, hang out, dine out, etc etc but when it comes to hanging out with a large group of people i dont roll like that, also im not into clubs, bars, or any kind of parties unless its a special occasion then i'll be down but other then that..nahhh im good, im the type of dude that stays home on a friday night while everyone else is out and about chillin in my pj's or whatever house wear im cool in with my snacks watching a good ole fashion horror movie or some sort of comedy movie or tv show and if its a marathon of my favorite show on that weekend because thats usually when marathons comes on is the weekends then forget about it, you not getting me out the house on a friday night at all and if it carry's on for the whole weekend then monday is when i'll see you next.

i don't really rock with alot of people. my circle is very small and im ok with that because the few folks that i do have in my life means the world to me and i wouldn't trade none of them in for all the money on forbes list, i use to think that having a whole bunch of friends around you means something and some people are fortunate enough to have that type of popularity but, as i got older and more wiser i realized that its not about having a whole bunch of friends around you its about having the right bunch a friends around you..hell, i don't even like people to be honest which means you would have to be one special person for me to like you and/or love you and especially trust you.

i have more to share, but i'd figure i'll save that for the willing who's down to take a ride on the cole, ok that was kind of corny but you get my drift.
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anything as long as we are having fun
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