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Hidden Mountain
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artist farmer author musician house and pet sitter
YHWH truth, deep scripture study in original tongues, sharing the WORD , published Christian author / blogger, painting, organic farming, musician, health, (preferably raw) vegetarian food, off-grid alternative Christian tiny house community building for
About Me
EVERYTHING IS about YHWH !!!! Truth is all about HIM. Sooner or later we all will get that. Might as well flow with it by choice and do what you can in this "life". Help others get real with the true reality of who we are in YHWH. We are in or we are out. A choice only we can make seems clear, but life can be so overwhelming. I understand. The simple life isn’t that simple.

I am fully engaged in ministry. I am looking for like minded folks to connect with, male and female. I am open to what YHWH has or does not have for me. I know I have a divine purpose
Let me save u some time, i am not sure I really am suppose to be married such short time left and so many lost sheep and such deep deception even with christians.

I want to mention that I live off-grid out of cell phone range and without the internet. I may or may not get right back to you. It depends on where I am working as a house,garden and pet sitter.

I started Hebrew and ancient Hebrew websites, do inspired art and music, write books, on Amazon and Kindle
https://www.amazon.com/author/hiddenmountain (author page)
http://hidden-mountain.artistwebsites.com (paintings)
Please, tell me what you think of my art and music, my music name, artist name and author name on the web is Hidden Mountain. in the United States on Christian music chart on ReverbNation ( messianic, worship, Celtic, with Hebrew ). I have often been #1 for years in countries like Canada and Brazil ( Brazil went into a major Hebrew roots movement, many leaving the catholic belief )
I have like 60,000 "followers" on web.. places like YouTube channel, Twitter, etc. I consider it to be a YHWH given ministry , and am devoted to sharing truth to my peeps. Please subscribe both YouTubes, new channel, YHWH is... https://www.youtube.com/c/YHWHis &
Hidden Mountain.... http://www.youtube.com/c/hiddenmountainofYAH
They are truth teaching ministries. YHWH will use us all when we are willing. I need to share what I have been so freely given.

Please don't ask me to tell you about myself before you look at my vids and my channels listed under my videos. I have very little internet time to reinvent the wheel with each person I meet. If you want to find out more about my views and what I feel is happening in our fallen world please watch my vid pages on YouTube. You will get a good idea of my radical and deeply Christian views ( VERY NOT "NORMAL")
#christian #author #artist #musician #praise יהוה #YHWH #YHSHUA #flatearth #truther #conspiracy #Q #patriot #Trump #bible #news #scripture #psalm #HiddenMountain @HiddenMountain7 #yhwh
Writings, videos, music, art, poetry, blogging are dedicated with the purpose of the ministry of YHWH יהוה I am all over the web, you can find me.

I have been beautiful, haha, but am currently old and ugly. But funny-er than ever. the paintings are some i did (Internationally renowned award-winning artist).

Tested high I.Q. in top 5% worldwide. Represented the U.S. in world international conferences at Smithsonian and Toronto, beginning in junior high. I attended a special alternative High school in Chicago. Went to university a year ahead of my peers. Art in museums and a university in 1st grade. (interviewed with art on television and declared a prodigy by the head of arts in my state) Highest score in my state on I.Q. test. The interesting thing is, I made horrible grades!!! The weird funny chick, bad girl cheerleader always been into what others would call conspiracy. Truth-seeker, one of "those" yep, FLAT EARTHER :D

I prefer life in woods as a hermit but love to do world travel for music, ministry and missionary purposes, passport ready :D I live on my debt-free farm, off-grid, way up hollow. Hills valley, hillbilly Eden. Built myself a tiny house. I have NO MONEY. Growing the tiny house as recycled supplies happen. I have been very rich and very poor; they both have their purposes in our life walk. I always embrace challenges and seek contentment in whatever hand of cards I currently hold. I am an extreme budget queen and don't do debt at all. Saw and hammer, a country girl. I was a truth seeker/sharer for years, hobo evangelist. Walked barefoot in a white robe, crazy chick. Street ministry, walked many a faith mile all over this country. Train jumped and hitchhiked. Have lived in most large cities in America. And 11 years outside U.S. I do ministry full time on the net ...old lady style ... lol, now I am kind of hermit retired hobo.. haha. I have known and hung out with so many famous folks, musicians, actors, many amazing stories, so many. I do love to travel but also love to abide in the woods. I am just a nut job!

Very conservative politically, love America, Trump, I am NOT a supporter of "so-called Israel", and the false tribe of Judah ( the Ashkenazi non-Judah non-bloodline). Revelation 2 teaches this truth and also that "apostle Paul" was deceived and taught a different and "new gospel". The current nation that named itself "Israel" is not the true tribe of Judah or Israel. They are mostly not bloodline Judah but Ashkenazi "jews" Messiah YHSHUA haters. The USA is a more whole nation of "Biblical Israel". Called out of all the 12 tribes, nations. More of the whole 12 tribes here than anywhere. We are very important and must stand for the real spiritual truth. Many now martyred for their faith worldwide, amazing people! We are very important and must stand for the real spiritual truth. We are "the called".

A lifelong vegetarian,now vegan, health food, love raw organic, juicing, fresh garden veggies, fruit, spirit food. LOOKING FOR VEGETARIAN HUSBAND, and fully need a clean vegetarian house and kitchen.

Continuous prayer warrior for the NAME and HONOR of YHWH. Spiritual battle fighter, sword in hand. Speaking the truth without fear. Careful not to cast stumbling blocks to folks, who may not be in the same place of this walk with YHSHUA. I choose my battles. Plant seeds in a low profile sweet non-irritating way where ever possible. Led to do a lot of ministries often cause I have a fun-loving personality that folks warm up to easily. I am not pushy or argumentative or judgmental, but funny and engaging and easy to talk to. I try to use "inclusive" language as if "they" already get it and folks jump right in when they feel included, the stony ground seeding... perhaps someone else provides some soil and water. Sensitive to Holy Spirit Ruach Ha Qodesh about what each individual needs in my presence. Not into wasting YHWH's time trying to "save " swine/demons. Some made their choice long before this earth age, BEWARE time-waster spirits.

I love all the lambs that follow our Messiah YHSHUA , just for loving YHWH and anyone anywhere who stands for HIS truth. I believe and know some amazing deep things many have not even heard of ( I have fully checked out with WORD and HOLY SPIRIT RUACH HA QODESH In the original tongues), conspiracy type stuff. We are mentally and physically imprisoned by powers of darkness in high places, bankster Illuminati and the deceiver himself satan. We abide on a "flat Earth, YHWH created plain-et. Into Trump, Q, chemtrails, Nephilim, satan seed line, Khazars, deep state, genetic manipulation, just a tip of the truther iceberg. I am far from normal and not just "nice wife" material and I will get worse. Don't expect me to change, or settle down intellectually. That said i am actually quite fun, simple and lighthearted, not jealous sort, a tomboy playing dress-up as a girl, best friend to many not normal type Christian folks.

First Date
NOTHING.. haha.....something simple, cheap, laid back, .. I am open to ideas...love nature, vegetarian health food, would not want to do anything too complicated..
Actually, I would prefer to get to know folks online and then after I know u visit your place and see how you live. Real-life stuff, like friends, do.
Keep it casual and light and build a friendship that would last even if we don't feel each other is the "ONE".. LOL.. at my age, I am comfortable with just being me, so there is no pressure to be living up to expectations. I can love you for who u are now, be ur friend, encourage, mentor, WHATEVER!
Just be who we really are, hang out as kids do.
Oh yeh if YOU are rich and want to fly us to a tropical paradise "date" I could work with that too ..lol
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