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Our Lord, Family, Friends, Live Music Concerts, Road Trips, Reading, Historical sites, Swimming, In depth Conversations, Animals and Humanity
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Hi, nice to meet you!
Wow, time flew by... 24 years later feels like a twinkle of an eye.
Here I am, looking for my Best Friend....(between mature 44 to a young at heart 57) who knows who he is at this point and not looking for temporary fix.
....Someone special to have fun, enjoy life with in pursuing and building our dreams, goals and share our experiences together.

I am a country city girl and own my own home.

I adore a man who puts our Lord first in his life above any man or woman, having no vices online or otherwise when it comes to being faithful...(I find a man attractive, special and different in this way). It takes conviction and respect... an original whom is priceless! I admire a man who knows his worth in his relationship with Christ and in his relationships.
I seek a man who values a woman in the same way and sees the best in her and doesn't put conditions on her love outside of her being faithful in a committed relationship. Whom has faith that she loves the Lord and others the same way.

Are you genuinely just, fair, faithful, loyal, open in constructive communication, and will not threaten or abandon the relationship if there is clash of wills once in awhile? Let's be real... God never promised a bed of roses that didn't come without some thorns.

Wouldn't it be liberating to be in a relationship in which we are on the same page in mind, heart, and soul. Where we don't have to be clones of one another (that would be boring), but rather where we both can appreciate and openly share truth and our fears having transparency, honesty, integrity, corny, humoristic, witty banter, while being passionate not fearing rejection from either side? In my personal opinion...to me that's healthy.

I am told by my friends and family that I am strong, independent but interdependent, intelligent person, smart, witty, and a bit of a humorous dork fish. Also, forgiving, intuitive, encouraging, gifted with knowledge and can see wisdom of things.... taking a negative turning it into a positive looking at the silver lining. Cup half full rather than half empty.

Little about my walk in this life...I've been thinking outside the religious box of traditional man made doctrines for years, while continuing to grow in loving our Lord Jesus Christ. He has always been my Spiritual Leader for over 30 years. I've come to understand the wisdom and knowledge of looking at the big picture and see in others the same Spirit no matter what religion or what church they go too or not at all. I am always drawn to such Light in people. So, I will not have a better than you religious attitude and look down on a person....As it goes against True Love's Vision for humanity and His Character of all that he has done and still does.

I do enjoy flirting, teasing, and joking around...sometimes having a poker face while in the act. Let's see who turns red and folds first. ;-)... Yep that would be me...my skin betrays me. Yet, I have a serious side too... don't we all (oops, don't answer that it's a rhetorical question).

Also, I like going on hikes, walks, sitting by a fire having conversation and roasting marshmallows. I love swimming in a big pool or lake in private settings. Picnics by a lake, pond or botanical garden. Going to the movies, live music concerts, site seeing, art museums, Meow Wolfe, visiting historical architecture buildings, eating out at romantic fine dining restaurants to eating out at mom and pop traditional New Mexican restaurants. Singing and dancing while cleaning or cooking.

Yes, I'm domesticated at times (really I am) and do know how to cook full 3 course meals. Lol! I love to bake comfort food in moderation too. It brings joy to me when I can turn a frown from upside down to a smile knowing I can comfort someone whose going thru a rough time or had a bad day.....These are just a few of my favorite things.

I am open to experiencing new things with the right person so long as it is moral and ethical and doesn't land me in the hospital or in front of a judge. Lol!

If you find me interesting and know what iron sharpens iron is, then you're going to know that I am not a shallow person looking for FWB or a Hook up....nope not that girl.
I am looking for my Partner, my Best Friend and Lover in the flesh to smile, hold hands, be passionate with, and grow old together in the good and the bad with knowing that time is irrelevant to eternity.
I am here and now to walk hand in hand with those I am given an opportunity to love in this lifetime.

Don't be shy send me a text. Let's meet in real life and see if there's a spark.....

You never know what God has in mind until you try. Until then, Shalom and Love Bless.
First Date
Grab lunch or dinner somewhere in Santa Fe or Albuquerque that isn't too loud...I want to hear your voice, not read your lips....Well at least not in the beginning when trying to get to know you. LOL!
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