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(Currently attending a non-Presbyterian church - mine was force-closed and the other local ones are too leftist (aka 'liberal' to many) )
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I am into IT - Ask me, I might tell you, or peek at my interests. ;-)
Computers, photography, music (see below), dancing (see below), sports (baseball, soccer, ... see below), movies (action/comedy/...), and I forget what else I had here
About Me
... and now, on with the show! (...a very long one but there's an intermission or two.)

I'm a Conservative Christian Guy from Illinois. I know my profile's long (though I have shortened it a bit,) but please at least read the summary immediately below, then feel free to write, even if I haven't (yet) written to you first. :-)

************************* ************************* ************************* *************************
I know this is just making it longer, but please at least read this summary. I found a nice set of questions on another website and here are my answers:
* I believe in God.
* I believe that the universe, all matter, and all life were created by God.
* I believe that "all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."
* I believe that marriage is the union of one man and one woman.
* I believe that defense of innocence (especially the unborn) is a moral imperative.
* I believe in liberty, justice, and universal rules of right and wrong.
* I believe that traditional values, ethics, and morality are the cornerstones of personal character.
* I believe that personal freedom and accountability are necessary for a free society.
* I believe that punishing hard work and success is unethical.
* I believe that rewarding laziness and irresponsibility is unethical.
* I believe that governments are usually the problem, not the solution; however, some seem to just get it and know how to make do with what they have... very little. We need more of these and less big government.

(I don't mind that you e-mail me, but please don't IM me.)
************************* ************************* ************************* *************************

*** OK, so now you can skip to the good part... Where is it you ask? You tell me! ;-)

LOCATIONS: While I'm from the Chicago area, I frequent other locations such as the Rockford area in IL, as well as WI, Northwest IN, Southwest MI, MO, IA, and, as of late 2015, I've added the DFW area of TX to the list of places to go. I also travel to a (somewhat/seemingly random) state each year for fun. I've been out of the country several times to visit several countries in Europe, a couple Asian countries, and, more recently, several Caribbean countries while on a cruise.

They need another set of check boxes above - I hate when things become "political" but it's more than that... it's about living life, like letting lives live and maintaining rights, be they God given human rights or those afforded to us, legally living in this country, by the Constitution/Bill of Rights... 1A, 2A, ..., 9A, ... I say yay, don't let anyone try to take them away! Yes, I have some liberal friends, and some I can't really tell, we don't have to agree on everything exactly (what fun would that be :-P,) but we're going to have to think along the same lines. To me, debates like this don't have to end friendships, but I'd be worried that they could possibly end a marriage. I would not want that. If you're just looking to "have a good time in bed tonight" then why are you on this site to begin with? Please go elsewhere. (I'm hoping the scum at least have enough decency to stay away, but I've heard of bad things anyway, including a couple banned users that have sent me, and probably everyone, messages.) Just being honest up front. Also, if you have a scam you're involved in and want a downline or want to get me involved in something illegal, you can forget that too, unless you want a trip to jail - that can be arranged. :-)

Now that I hope I've scared off the trolls and the scammers (I like how they put that at the bottom of the profile pages)...
About Me: I'm single (yes, as in "never married" and not "separated" or "divorced" or anything else people might call it these days.) I go to church regularly ...
One correction to my profile selection at the top: I actually drink often... Dr. P3pp3r, C0ke, RC, $prite, K00l-Aid (the good kinds), milk, water, ... ;-)
I like doing things to help out where I can, so I'm involved with quite a bit of volunteer work - food pantry, and special events for things like Special Olympics fundraisers and others for low-income families around Christmas usually, etc. I do a lot with my family - I enjoy doing so and won't give that up. I especially love children and hope to get married and share that joy with my wife of being blessed with having our own someday, but until then, I love having my siblings' young children around.

Some additional items I think got deleted from Activities/Interests when I added too much music info up there (now moved here) were:
MUSIC: Christian: MWS, Newsboys, SCC are a few favorites / country: GB, GS, AJ, B&D, DY, JA, KC, ZBB, and too many others, along with some older ones like Alabama, Blackhawk, Diamond Rio, and some George Jones / oldies: too many here too
SPORTS: baseball (major/minor - Go White Sox!!! ...and Cubs, I guess, as long as they're not playing the White Sox. As for the minors - Go Kane County Cougars! - need to get back to some of their games sometime), soccer (played on then assistant coached youth teams,) basketball (Go Bulls!), some football (Go Bears!) and hockey (Go Blackhawks!) (Please don't misinterpret this as "all he knows how to do is watch sports..." because I don't. I actually don't go to many games because they tend to be quite expensive and I won't go alone and some sports, while I love watching them live, I would rather not watch on TV. Also, thanks to DTV, I get even less channels now and during bad weather, even those sometimes disappear.)

On a side note... I was happy to see an ad on this CDFF website for "Don't let public schools teach homosexual marriage"
Let's just say I'm appalled at this behavior and some of the other stuff that is now happening these days in our country. I guess some people have forgotten about their math... "Marriage = Man + Woman"
NOTE, to the misguided or uninformed: "Man + Man" or "Woman + Woman" just don't add up to Marriage. (I think Lev. 18 explains this pretty well, and much more.)
Please join me in praying for those who think this is OK, just as the rest of us sinners who need prayer (and to pray) for our own guidance against committing the sins that we do.
(However, more recently, I've seen Google Ads showing inappropriate "Meet Locals" ads - these ads should go!)

Taking this into account, while I wasn't home-schooled myself, I've met many people in the last 10+ years who have a.) been home-schooled, b.) are homeschooling their children AND/OR c.) (now on here as well) plan to home-school their children. I believe this has the potential to provide children with the right start and keep them on a straighter path as it seems public schools don't have the ability, due to both financial reasons and fear of being told they're doing something wrong. Now, with the federal government issuing directives and threatening to withhold money for schools who don't allow deviant behavior, things are getting worse. I think this is why we see many of the problems in our society these days. I was blessed to grow up in a small, (semi-)rural school where we started every day with the Pledge of Allegiance (including "...under God..."), celebrated the holidays (both secular and Christian,) and could say Christmas instead of winter break, and Easter break started with having Good Friday off and went through Easter week.

God... Family... Country! Let's get things back to where they belong. I hope to someday be like the few good men of Courageous... wife, children, and friends with a few families to be doubly accountable with.


To those who think I've gone away silently, I haven't, but rather it is likely that I just haven't had the chance to respond. I read messages on my cell or computer but will only respond using the computer, not my cell, for my own sanity - the cell is painful to use to respond. :-( Also, if you write a lot, I will try to respond to the whole thing in one e-mail so as to not break up the information (the messaging here within CDFF isn't that great because there's no linking of a single conversation, other than by the Subject header... sort of.)

Always remember this quote I've seen, for it is all that really matters...
"If you meet me and forget me, you've lost nothing. But if you meet Jesus Christ and forget Him, you have lost everything."

I have not blocked other countries (yet,) but I'm not interested in a very long distance foreign relationship like that. Also, if you cannot speak English much at all or are not of a similar race, this probably won't go very far because of the behavior I've been exposed to on here and offline. There are exceptions (you know who you are) and to others, if your mail is interesting, I might respond...

While I typically prefer IM over e-mail (outside of this site - friends, work, etc.,) the interface here drives me crazy (crazier than I already am) and one time, I don't know if the person writing did something to cause that or the system, the network dropping/reconnecting, or my computer did it, but it kept opening so many new windows (why it didn't target a specific one, I don't know) that I couldn't even find the one it would let me use to write back. Also, my cell phone will mark me as online (even for a while after I am) but will not even display the IM page. That said, I'm willing to chat on Gtalk/Google Chat/Hangouts, if you have an account there, once you're comfortable with doing so.

If you have something against being the first to write, then wink (if you don't have something against that too,) favorite me, visit my profile every day... something. This will tell me you're interested in something in my profile. I'll get the hint and will probably eventually write back. Since there's no way to tell when you were last online, unless you were just online today, (or maybe you're gone but left your profile available instead of marking that you're no longer looking for a match, maybe in the headline or as the first line of the "About Me" section, as examples), if it looks like you might not be around anymore, I'm not going to waste my time writing to the bit-bucket, but I might Favorite you or Wink at you. Please don't read anything more into it; I know some people are offended by a "Wink" on here for some reason, but it's just supposed to be a way of saying a quick hello. (You can tell which year I was last online by checking my Headline for a clue... a rather obvious one. However, I don't update it every time I'm online, so if it looks a few months old, it's just because I haven't updated it yet, not because I'm gone. If it's more than two years old, maybe I'm gone.)
First Date
It did say "(optional)" right? ;-) Maybe it should change to "first chat/talk" or "first meeting" if you select something like "A Friend" above. When is/isn't it a date? Hmm.... Well, not putting something here will probably make people wonder, so...

OK, so maybe some of these aren't good for a first "date" but maybe for something...
a walk, a jog, a run, a bike ride - around the neighborhood, in the forest preserve, by the lake, wherever, a day at Six Flags; going for a bit more common/boring/lazy... a restaurant - McDonald's, Arby's, Taco Bell, White Castle, you name it (I'd prefer no bars unless they have really good and non-expensive food options because you won't catch me ordering drinks there anyway, unless it's a Dr. Pepper or root beer or something like that, I don't drink coffee so Starbucks and Caribou don't interest me so much, but maybe if they're in a bookstore or something like that); bowling; a baseball game (minor league is good too); a museum; an amusement park; sit and chat somewhere - again, a park, the forest preserve, the beach, wherever; a concert (but I don't do expensive - I get my music on the radio for almost free and sometimes play it on the piano, but sadly, not so much anymore) though this gets a bit loud for talking, unless there are long, quieter breaks between acts; a church function, ... oh so many things would work I guess :-) If I don't have to get dressed up (jeans and a t-shirt cool?) then all the better (though I will if I feel like it.) Maybe you and your family can do something with me and my family if you'd like - we tend to do a lot together anyway, so this would be quite natural for me and hope it would be for you too.

WARNING: I'm not that creative so if you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them too. I can be a bit silly though, so look out! So, if you want me to surprise you, eh, I guess I blew it if you read anything above and didn't just skip to the last chapter, er... sentence or so of my apparently ever-growing book. :-P

ONE LAST THING (well, a few I guess): I'm not really into "dating just to date" like I'm a high schooler, but rather to seek, find, and accept God's will in marriage with the right kind of woman, at some point... never did the HS dating thing back then anyway, not even in college, so if that's what you're after, save yourself a bit of time and look for someone with "A Date" as the answer to the "I am looking for:" prompt above. :-) I don't say this to scare you off, but if there's absolutely no interest in a relationship, then what's the reason for the "date" anyway? If it's just for friendship and nothing more, please just say so in the beginning and we still won't call it a date. I know relationships grow from friendships and I don't have a problem with that at all, but be kind to a brother and he shall return the favor and be kind to you, sister. ;-) If at some point you realize it can go no further, please have the decency to just say so - explanations are nice, but if you don't have one, so be it, (I guess,) and you don't need to sugar-coat it, just be completely honest (you're just too boring, you're too strange, I really can't take any more computer talk (hey, I try to limit that anyway, but sometimes I get caught up with it,) you eat food I can't stand) and we'll go from there. (OK, so some of those are strange, but seriously, the truth may hurt but a lie or sudden silence can destroy.) You may think I'm crazy (OK, so maybe I am a bit) but this is why I've written so much here in my profile. (You see, I tend not to delete, just add for some reason. :-P)
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