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Hello, my name is Kevin. I am 31 years old. Yes I look young. Apparently I will live longer, because of my appearance, so there's that. If people who look younger than their age live longer, medically speaking, and the Bible says I will live longer because I honor my parents, so perhaps people with baby faces are simply people who honored their parents better than other.

That being said, obviously I am a Christian, but I am not a flakey, "can't label what I am" type. If you believe, you have doctrinal beliefs. And labels define your beliefs. That being said, I don't wholly buy into beliefs, simply because that what I see myself as.

I am Charismatic. I believe the gifts of the Spirit, absolutely. And that they are still given to believers today.

I no longer consider myself a true Pentecostal. While I believe in baptism of the Spirit for all believers and this being accompanied by a demonstration of the Spirit, I do not believe this guarantees tongues, and I reject the idea of an "unknowable" language being gifted. (rather the language is a human language, which may not be known by those around the speaker)

I am a Calvinist, but probably a 4.5 point one, and not a 5. While I generally agree with the unconditional election, I often wonder if it limits God's infinite knowledge. Can't God, not bound by time, be able to see the near-limitless choices and individual would make and decide who would bring glory to His name?

If people put as much effort into understanding what each label means, and the theology around them, as they do to dance around and say they are "label-less," I think they would be a lot more effective.

I believe in separate roles for husband and wife. I also reject the "separate but equal" mentality. We are equal, in Christ. We are not equal, in roles. Just as Christ has authority over his Church, the Church has blessings in submission.

While I believe in submitting to governing authority, I reject blind servitude. Unjust laws are not something that Christians should just grin and bear. I know what will happen if the current political trend keeps going. I know what it IS doing. It's destroying the family, it's harming my neighbor, and it makes a mockery of God. All three of these things are sin. And submitting to a worldly authority is not a justification to sin.

So yes, who you vote for matters. Calling out lies being used to impose lockdowns, lies used to justify civil outrage (riots) matter. Because nothing out of a lie is good. And allowing evil to happen to my neighbors and family is sin.

I think that also answers where I stand, politically and socially. If not, I will say this. I'd trade Trudeau for Trump in a nano-second.


Now a bit about me, personally. Obviously the biggest thing is, I am divorced and I raise two children alone. My daughter is 11, and son is 10. I understand that being a believer, this raises a lot of flags. And am open to any questions you may have. It's been nearly seven years since my ex left for another man. And it took a few years of Bible reading and prayer to even know if God allows someone like me to marry again. And I am fine with explaining to someone why I believe so.

Other, less intense things.
I'm a fantasy nerd. Lord of the Things, gaming (both board and video), writing, world creating, all the things you can think of, I am in to. A goal of mine is to finish at least a novel. Preferably a series of books that inspires others to write in the universe I have created. Small goals right?

I like guns, blowing things up, unapologetic freedom, songs that make you wanna wave a flag and light fireworks, the screeching of eagles, and yeah. I'm pretty much a Texan, born in a Canadian's body. I am jealous of the "all things Red, White and Blue" mentality that Americans have. (well half of them) And hate that boisterously being proud of Canada, usually has people scoff at your for being "too American." I say bonk that noise, bleed maple, and blow something up in celebration.

Lately I have been extremely restless in my faith. I've gotten sick of both extremes of Christianity, getting so large. The flakey "relationship not religion" and the "you need a PHD to be at the pulpit." Both sides have this idea that you need a library of books to "truly" be a Christian. Prosperity gospels self-help books. Or super-deep-doctorate-level theology books. The Bible says no to both of these. In fact, it says no other works can help you understand the Bible. Because it's not through knowledge we understand. Rather, the Spirit chooses to reveal the Word to us.

To this end, I have begun reaching out, and trying to start a ministry. I don't know how it will look, because I really don't know what I am doing. But I know the goal is to bring believers with questions together, and look into the Bible, and not the works of others, to find the answers. I have no idea the timeline, but throughout 2021. (and last couple months of this year). I'm sick of sitting around and wishing things were better. And so I'm gonna get off my butt and make them better.

Or fail so spectacularly, I can write a book to be an example to others of what not to do.
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Single dad from Canada
I'm 31, from Manitoba, and my kids are 11 and 10. Looking for folks to chat with!...
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