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currently Home based reading my Daily Bread and watching different topics of faith because of Covid complications
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Walking, Movies, Reading, conversations about the profound and at times, the silly parts of life.
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My name is Hilary and I'm a 54, Single, White, Christian, Female, who is full figured and very passionate about life. I am a deeply loving and caring person. I love to laugh and discuss about a variety of things. I have taught Sunday School, all ages and grades in a beautiful little church since I was 18. The younger generations have moved from the area for better jobs for their families, so 6 years feels like a long time not teaching on Sundays. I have always put others before myself and have taken care of children and animals, family, and friends, for so long, I forgot to take care of myself until recently. I am actively improving my health daily, eating well and would love to find someone I could move with, be it continuing to learn yoga or tai-chi, dancing (like my grandparents did when I was a little girl), biking or just walking. But I'm looking forward to more and more challenges as my health improves. I'm looking for someone who honestly wants a friend ➡ marriage partner to share life's daily joys with, to walk, talk, and unwind with. Someone who is not into head games; who likes to take things slow and see how they develop. Just looking for a loving best friend who is willing to share this life with me. I live comfortably as far as $ is concerned but making it is not a driving force in my life. My true love is children and spending time with them. I've been a foster mother in the past working 2 jobs to care for them. I have always considered children blessings from heaven. My friends and family say I have the heart and spirit of a child. I love a variety of movies and books from Sci-fi, Action/ Adventures, to Comedies, Classics and Dramas. I'm also a real Disney girl at heart). I love my hunger for the Word and find that most times I start reading and searching for one thing only to have found so much love and understanding pouring out of the pages always soothing my mind and bringing peace to my soul. My friends and I start talking about something we're reading and I love diving into it to hear what God has to say on the subject. I'm not very good at quoting scripture exactly, but have always been able to find what is needed whenever someone (or myself) has a need. I also enjoy reading young adult and juvenile fiction and having long talks about them as well. I love listening to a variety of music daily, from Christian, Super chick, Plumb, Barlow Girl, Avalon, Michael W. Smith, Pentatonix, Nicole Nordeman, Ella Henderson Britt Nicole to dance,Ruelle Natalie, Taylor & oldies like Jim, croce, Gordon lightfoot Simon & Garfunkel, & peaceful music to ease me to sleep. I still enjoy playing my flute, even after 30+ years. It's always been a way of playing and praying to the Lord. Lifting what's in my heart up to Him especially when my voice doesn't want to work well from time to time. I have a lot to offer, if your interested and able to see the beauty in life and others. I know that faith can move mountains and open the hearts and minds of people. I have never been married, so it would be guidance from the Lord I would seek if the person in my life is the one He chose for me. If I sound like someone you would like to meet, don't hesitate to I've also tested as an INFP so if you're curious about my deeper personality Google it to see if you think we would be a good fit...also if you're interested, I'm an INFJ/P IN Meyers-Briggs personality type. you can get a deeper understanding of the depths positives and negatives like all types deal with.
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this site is having connection issues so if you're smarter than the average bear and can follow the bread crumbs, we can talk. "she need" hems "up her dress". her friends call her sunshine. so he's is sunshine (to her friends) all one word at yoo-hoo
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