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Galations 6:14 God forbid that I should glory save in the cross of Jesus Christ my Lord by whom the world is crucified unto me and I unto the world...

I've been growing in this for 40 years... And I haven't arrived yet... Perhaps I'm a slow learner, but I just want more of the same...

I love the Jesus of the Bible... The God who is at the same time all powerful and totally humble in heart... I've always been somewhat uncomfortable with conventional church, with what seems to be a focus on programs sometimes at the expense of people and relationships...

I'm really interested in a format that is relationship based and more equal and accessible to people without a church background ( It's been fun... and so much more...

I love being single, but all else being equal, enjoy being with someone more than being alone.... I enjoy synergy and blending...

BUT 20 years ago I promised myself I wouldn't go into a relationship that would compromise or dilute my commitment to God's best for myself or the other party... And I can't be the blessing God intends me to be if I put my desires before His kingdom...

I enjoy friendship with any of God's children, but would be especially interested in meeting those whose hearts have been captured by the message of the cross, who want to learn to how to better "glory" in it... Who see a beauty there that transcends what's in it for us... Who want to shout it from the housetops, but are looking for a way to make it understandable to those who haven't heard...

I love life.... the opportunities... I treasure health and friendships... With GMO lurking everywhere I want to grow most of my own food and am trying to make the soil rich for when I get older and perhaps can't work quite as hard....

I'm still hiking with the 20 year olds more than the older ones...
Photos are Oct 2018
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Would love to go adventuring..... One of my favorite adventures is finding out what's behind front doors..... how they've experience life and grace, how God has touched their lives... I find it hard to start going door to door, but once I've started I find it hard to quit...
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