Surely not EVERYbody was kung-fu fighting.

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*Drinking is not a sin. Drunkeness is sin. There is a level of godly enjoyment that does not involve losing control to the alcohol. Think about it. Jesus turned water to wine. We all know it is not in His character to promote ungodliness. The Israelites, God's "chosen people," drank wine at all of their festivals. In Ecclesiastes, Solomon says, a few different times, to eat, drink, and enjoy life. God required a wine offering from the Israelites in the Old Testament. We should read the Bible for ourselves from cover to cover for the whole story, because there's a reason you won't get the full story from most preachers.

*I'm currently waiting for God to send me to another church. The one I was at was so far away from the Lord, and it made me feel some type of way. I did consider church hopping with the hope of just falling into a good one, but I've been in church all my life and have observed the same godless practices in all but one and that one is out of town.

Leaves were blowing in September
The night came in and made her shiver
I told her she could have my jacket
Wrapped it tight around her shoulders
And I
Was so young
Till she kissed me
Like a whiskey
Like a whiskey
-Maroon 5

On my grown mam tip...

I was there. I remember it vividly, the brutality. Everybody was kung-fu fighting, but those kicks WERE not fast as lightning 😁 Hey, hey, hey! I know this is a lot and very detailed, but if this long but relatively short profile eliminates any chance for interesting convo between us, how are we supposed to have a lasting marriage? I don't know how to spell the word "divorce." God, The Father : Jesus : The Holy Spirit - I am SO about that life. My favorite Bible verse is :

Matthew 5:6
Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled. KJV

I do pursue righteousness, but I am by no means boring. I have a good balance between my spirituality and practicality. I'll have you 🤣 at something that I did or said for the next three days, no lie. I workout five or six days a week, taking an extended rest period at least once a month where I workout only two or three days that week. My co-workers at my last job said I acted white, but when I go up north, like to Richardson, some of the white people are scared of me until they see how goofy I am and I can talk Greek mythology, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and The Hobbit with them. And don't even get me started on anime. I'm mellow but with a lot of energy. I think a lot so it's going to be very easy to run game on me. (wink wink) I don't care if you're island girl fine. At the same time, after it's been verified that I can trust you with my heart, I will be the guy who will give you myself 101%. I have future goals, the type to leave our kids an inheritance. I am very humble and have no problem saying, "Yeah, babe. I was right and you were wrong." lol Just kidding, but for real, my conscience won't let me go about my day without apologizing if I messed up. It's just not in me. As you can tell from this long profile, I am very thorough when it comes to communicating...for the most part. If you stay interested in me, prepare to hear my unreleased music. I'm not going to do it professionally, but if you like rap and r&b, more than likely, you'll be a fan. I don't agree with or accept an idea just because the majority does...BUT...I am very wise in picking my battles on the opinions I voice. I hate pointless debates. Most of the time, neither side changes their opinion, so what's the point of the back and forth? I am lying on my bed on my stomach right now clapping my feet. Yes, I am abstract. My brother was making fun of my inner weirdo this past Christmas and all I could do was laugh. I am not arrogant, but my character is literally leprechaun material. I am a very mature individual spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. I can say with 100% accuracy you will not come across many people with character as consistently reputable as mine, not in today's world. This is one thing that, most of the time, either pushes people away or makes me keep my distance. The girl I want will be attracted to it. Being that it took me a minute to get there in all three of those previous areas, I am debt free, but not independent yet. I did get into the college program I applied for this year (2019). The program is two years long, so I'll be done fast and better than well off after I find a job. I do have enough money for now to take you out a few times each month and pay my few bills. Don't worry about where I get it from. All you need to know is it's mine. LOLOLOLOLOLOL Just kidding. It is legal, and I have no problem telling you where I get it from. Now you have a pretty good idea of what you're signing up for.

What am I looking for in a wifey? Someone whose standards are different like mine who will be able to make me leave my current lover, r&b music. If you don't honor the Lord with your lifestyle, I promise you I will be the lamest guy you have ever met, so my rib needs to have her own intimate relationship with the Lord, emphasis on INTIMATE. I'm not impressed by church talk. I'll be watching how you act outside of church. At the same time, she should have a good balance between spirituality and practicality. When someone asks how you are doing, if your reply is anything like "blessed," that's a deal breaker. I can't be with someone I'm not attracted to physically, but my idea of physical attraction is more mature than a lot of guys'. Curvy girls are nice, but all I need is a girl with a cute face when she's not wearing makeup (a reasonable amount of makeup is fine. I just don't want it to be where I'm not attracted to you unless you put it on) and a nice feminine frame who is eyepoint height to me, maximum, when she's wearing her highest heels. If you wear glasses, have big ears, a big forehead, or a big round head on top of a skinny neck, take your beautiful butt on somewhere. I will straight up call 5-0 on you. I can't afford to have Mothra in my stomach trying to have a conversation with you if we meet. (I like what I like. Judge me. I don't care lol). Intelligence is a must. I can deal with slightly bad grammar; heck, mine isn't 100% correct, but I can't even read a Facebook post with a million typos when the post is only five lines long o if sumbody rites lke dis. I know relationships aren't all roses and hearts, but I do plan on having "butterflies in the stomach" moments, so I'm going to need romance. Wait until you see what I have planned when I propose. I don't plan on having bad kids, so if you are not okay with physical discipline for children (belt, paddle, snake pit, flamethrower), it's not going to work. And yes, I am looking for a wifey, but not next week. Let's be friends first. If you're the type of girl who talks to three guys at once and has a hard time making up your mind, please don't pick me. I talk to one girl at a time. I'm well aware of what the societal norm is. What you do with that will contribute to if I want to pursue you or not. I am VERY confident in my worth. My one girl at a time rule starts after we've exchanged phone numbers. Until then, you are not the only girl I'm messaging. Deuces!
First Date
I want to be friends first, but when we do get to the dating stage, I don't know. One part of me says let's start off simple like a walk in the park and then graduate to stuff that's more fun like say Top Golf, but then the other part says since we were friends first, there's no reason to start simple so go straight to Tx Spa Castle. Guess I'll wing it.
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