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Outreach, Bible, friends, nature, off-grid, reading, praying, serving God with others, outreach to Jews and Arabs, freedom
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Hi, مرحبا، שלום ciao :)
Looking ONLY for a NEVER MARRIED or WIDOWED, born-again, Bible-loving and outreach-minded man.
The ideal age for a man for me would be 45 to 57, but I am flexible.
To clarify, I don't want a divorced man, not because I want a man without baggage, but because I believe it is adultery to divorce and remarry. We all carry baggage, including me, and I expect my man will have issues, like we all do.

If you don't understand English well, put this text into a translator, but please READ it before you write to me.

I hope to meet a man who wants to put GOD first. A man who keeps his EYES ON GOD and on what God thinks, rather than on what people think. He must have a strong desire to make his decisions based on what is right before God, sincerely seeking God's will. It is important that as the head of our home he should search the Bible for guidance, and have faith in God as living and acting in our lives today. I am looking for someone who loves SHARING CHRIST with people, loves the Lord, and longs to SPEND TIME IN THE BIBLE together and praying, having a home open to hospitality with an open Bible to do a one-on-one or small group MINISTRY, doing OUTREACH, and so on.

I am learning Hebrew and Arabic to help me in outreach, so it would be an added blessing if my husband spoke one of those languages, although not necessary. I have a particular burden for Jews and Arabs, although I share the gospel with whoever. I love Israel. If you hate Israel, we are not a match, as I worship the God of Israel, and the Messiah that God sent to Israel.
I can speak Hebrew pretty fluently, and I am learning Arabic. I also speak Italian, as I was born in Italy.

I am evangelical, born again, I believe that Jesus is the promised Messiah of Israel, fulfilling the Old Testament prophecies.

I got saved when I was almost 29. I was agnostic/atheist before that. Christ has become the center of my life.

Because I got saved so late, I did have relationships with men before I was saved; But I have never been married. Now I don't believe in having an intimate relationship outside of marriage. I am looking for a husband, not a flirt nor any games. A man who has decided he seriously wants to find a wife and share his life with her.
I love closeness and intimacy, and that would be a necessary part of our married life. If you like to just be by yourself most of the time, we are likely not a match.

I would really like to live off-grid, if possible. I love plants and nature, going for walks, camping, etc. I love physical work like building things, gardening, and so on. As I live in an apartment, currently I just have an indoor vegetable garden in my bedroom and living room, lol, and I just love harvesting a leaf or two from each of the many plants, as well as some tomatoes, a radish, and all the fresh spices from my own garden, and make a super-fresh tasty organic salad. Of course, if I had a greenhouse, the garden would not be in my bedroom :) I also have cactus plants and flowers. I wish I had a proper garden - at least in the summer.
These days I eat very healthy foods only, due to a health condition.

I dress quite simply, so if you want the stunning, fancy-looking woman I am certainly not her :) I try to dress modestly.
I seem to be past the age of bearing children, though you never know.

I actually... don't have a TV :) If I watch a video on my computer it is usually a testimony, a biography, a video about the faith (evangelism, sermons, creation, apologetics, teaching on particular Bible topics), something about off-grid living, a documentary (biography, history, nature, science, etc), something to practice listening the languages I am learning, or the news. TV is not theoretically wrong, but I prefer not to have one, as I know too many people that make it into the daily family gathering center. I personally got rid of the TV when I saw it stole all my time, and I could not avoid the advertisements.
I love reading books, and usually they are on the same topics as mentioned above for the videos.

Politically, I am conservative. I am also against all this coercion to force injections on the masses. I am fully against this attack that has been made against our freedom to work, breathe, gather, see smiles, and have control over what goes into our bodies. I believe a seriously demonic force is behind all this, with goals far beyond what they say.
Once upon a time people fought to death for freedom, now people throw away all their freedom for a fake promise of health to the body.
Satan is a liar, and if he asks you to give away your freedom to gain freedom, you can rest assured what you are getting is only a loss of more and more freedom. (It should be obvious but somehow most people just don't see it)
I am against this attack on small businesses to crush our economy by locking people in their homes.
The amount of pain and damage - psychological, physical, economical, in relationships, to the isolated, to children, to teenagers, to the elderly, to the sick, to the dying, to single people, to families, to people with mortgages, to business owners, and so on - that they have inflicted on millions with their 'measures' is absolutely massive. And the worst part is that so many naively believe whatever they are told on the big screen, don't dare to stop & think, and get upset if you dare to raise the issue.
Thank you if you are one of those who stood firm and spoke up and helped to hinder this darkness. Keep strong.
This whole thing is a setup to collapse the world economies to prepare the way for the one world government that we read of in Revelation, and they are not done with their attempts. Having fallen short of their goal with the lockdowns, now they are attempting it with this instigated war and forced shut-down of farms and fuel production and purchase, and 'environmental' laws that will cripple anyone trying to produce anything. Pray that God will bring division among them and set all the workers of darkness one against the other, making them fail in their schemes while we the church are yet here. May peace rule on the earth.

My favorite Bible books are the Gospels, Romans, Hebrews, Galatians, Isaiah, Zechariah, and the Psalms.

Please NOTE that I love to talk about God and the Bible, as I want Him to be the center of my life. If you don't find God and the Bible to be what you REALLY love to talk about, I can tell you right away that we are not a match - you will find me very unpleasant quite soon!! Lol.
Also, if you believe that it is wrong for a woman of God to talk about God with you, to study the Bible, and to share what she sees in the Bible with her husband, you are not the right man for me. The man is the head of the home and makes the final decisions, but the woman also 'opens her mouth with wisdom' Proverbs 31:26. I believe she should not be a pastor, but a godly woman is filled with God's word and loves to talk about God. If that makes you uncomfortable, we won't be a match.

Please upload your PICTURE, which helps me get a feel for what type of person you are. Thanks!
God bless you as you look for the right person.
First Date
Just go for a walk or a tea/coffee and talk, or something simple.
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