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VGL SWM seeks Tall Beautiful SWF (18-38) for Long Term Loving Relationship. Mutual Attraction (menta

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A Long Term Relationship
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Being with family & friends, reading, watching documentaries History & Science, movies, road trips, travel, SCUBA Diving, walking the dog, working out, making love :-)
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PLEASE LEAVE AN EMAIL or PHONE # IF YOU EMAIL ME & ARE INTERESTED IN GETTING TO KNOW EACH OTHER. IF I WINKED AT YOU ITS BECAUSE I LIKE YOUR PROFILE & HAVE SAVED YOU FOR FUTURE VIEWING. Onward you read....My favorite quote, that reflects my philosophy on how life should be...goes like this: THERE IS NOTHING IN THE HUMAN HEART OR MIND, NO PLACE NO MATTER HOW TWISTED OR SECRET, THAT CAN'T BE ENDURED...IF YOU HAVE SOMEONE TO SHARE IT WITH :-) Activities that I would like to share with my future sweetheart are as follows: SCUBA diving (Grand Caymans Islands or Belize), swimming, surfing, watching Sunsets on the beach (cocktail in hand looking for the Green Flash!!!), nights on the beach drinking champagne by a bonfire, star gazing (I'm always looking at the stars), shooting (sporting clay), NASCAR races (infield camping at M.I.S.), boating, roller coaster rides (Cedar Point), camping, biking, walking the dog, golfing, horseback riding (equestrian here), tailgating at the UofM games, cooking (yes...I love all types of good food), concerts, movies (IMAX fan here), cuddling on the couch watching the tube (History2-Ancient Aliens/The Universe/Food Network), being with family & friends, and the list can go on!!! Without some sort of passion there is no relationship. A warm embrace (hugs & back rubs) and holding hands does wonders for the soul :-) The GIRL that captures my heart shall have my undying LOVE & DEVOTION. Me??? I have excellent etiquette...I'm: loyal/faithful/down to Earth/easy going/happy go lucky type of person. DRAMA FREE!!! The girls say I am tall, dark, and handsome (I'm not vain...nor do I kiss my muscles in the mirror).

I'm looking for a (((DRAMA FREE)))..SEXY VIXEN!!! Someone: Tall, swimmers build, buff, slender, muscular, chiseled. I like the natural look. I am a leg beautiful eyes...and a sexy smile :-) Ask yourself: Are you looking for a that one special person that you would like to share life's adventures with??? I'm right here for you. I will provide for all of your dreams as long as your with me & not with someone else. I have no problem & I'm willing to travel to meet with you personally, so we can get to know each other first. Courtship is part of the process of building a strong relationship. Requirements: Must be willing to SIGN OFF on paper to an AGREEMENT or ARRANGEMENT. Sorry...I have to protect my assets. ATTRACTION & PASSION??? ----> Should be between two loving beings that care for each other:-) What goes behind closed doors stays behind closed doors. I'LL BE INTO: YOUR DARKEST & DEEPEST SECRETS!!!! Pure FUN & ECSTASY :-P
Disclaimer: Mutual attraction & chemistry is a must in order to proceed. PLEASE BE: DISEASE FREE/NO EX-BOYFRIENDS or EX-HUSBANDS that your in contact with. I'M NOT LOOKING FOR ANY ESCORTS.
I prize LOYALTY above all else.....
There is more to honor, than there is to money...
First Date
Meet & Greet...Coffee...Wine...Lunch...or whatever you suggest!!!
Nice to meet you...
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