Firstly, I know and love the Lord. My relationship with Him is the very core of my being. I'm looki

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All things Jesus (well, except for blasphemous things). Apologetics, theology, reading, research of random subjects, coffee shop lounging, having a good conversation, hiking, biking, walking, fishing, camping, backpacking, sightseeing, reading, Netflix, t
About Me
What I'm most passionate about:
Oh, man... I'm a pretty passionate dude, but I'm also pretty down to earth. I think if I were to boil everything down to one thing, it would be a desire to know Truth, and to know it more fully. The kind of truth that does not bend with circumstances. The kind that is NOT relative. As Ravi Zacharias defined it: "that which affirms, propositionally, the nature of reality as it is." I'm passionate about justice-related causes, although I don't resemble many of the super vocal SJWs that end up in the media these days. I'm passionate about music and singing. I'm passionate about Jesus. I'm passionate about people knowing the Lord, and knowing why they believe what they believe. I'm passionate about real estate and business. & much more.

Leisure time:
I like going to the movies. I like early morning walks, and reading a good book on a park bench. I like coffee shops with comfortable seating and a charming atmosphere. I meditate (a blend of western and eastern forms, minus religiosity). I like to study certain topics in depth. I like having good conversations with friends. I like fishing. I like to think. I like quiet introspection, and planning for the future. I like random projects. I make soap and lotion. I cook. I love the outdoors. I'm perfectly content getting "lost" in the woods. But mainly in fair weather. ;-)

What I'm looking for in a mate:
I'm looking for someone who knows and loves the Lord, with some evidence to show for it. Someone who's kind, compassionate, and nurturing. Someone who wants children. Beyond those basic essentials, I and can be a bit of a goofball sometimes, so a healthy sense of humor will be important. I'd like to find someone who is somewhat health-conscious, meaning that they treat their body well. I'd like to be with someone who's not opposed to random adventures (i.e. hiking, driving scenic roads, visiting a new restaurant, coffee shops, a late night arcade bar, theater or opera, a day trip to the beach, etc.). But I don't want to be with someone who's difficult to please. I want someone who's also content with simple things. I'm a frugal guy, and I have a stewardship mentality (for insight, read The Treasure Principle, by Randy Alcorn), so I'm not comfortable with frequent, self-indulgent and frivolous expenditures. I do, however, enjoy some of the "finer" things in life, but I'm cost-conscious. It's not as restrictive as you might think. Just more intentional, and ultimately gratifying.

Deal breakers:
I'm not okay with swearing, smoking, drugs, or viewing of shows/movies that contain nudity. If you're one of the many Christians who thinks that the nudity in Game of Thrones, for example, is justifiable and acceptable, please do us both a favor, and move on. Also, I'm not okay with sex before marriage. That's called fornication. It's a sin. It's one thing if that's a part of your past (that's not necessarily a deal-breaker), but I can tell you emphatically that it will not be part of our future. Not until marriage, that is.

The most influential person in my life:
Other than my parents, my youth pastor and college ministry mentor (two separate people).

The one thing I wish more people would notice about me:
I have an excellent singing voice, but I'm a little shy about sharing it with most people. When I do sing in front of people, such as when I'm fishing for the name of a song by singing part of the melody, I generally dumb down my actual singing ability. I recently started singing on the worship team at church, and that has been an incredibly stretching experience. Outside of that, and even including that context, very few people actually know the full range of my singing ability. I'm working on growing in that area.

A little more about me:
I'm goofy, smart, and analytical.
I spent five years in college campus ministry at Mt. Hood Community College.
I have a special relationship with four-footed woodland creatures. Think Snow White. :-P
I've been studying real estate investment for a few years. My goal is to become a serial home buyer, renting out former residences as I move on to the next. Eventually, I'd like to get into multi-family investing. In the meantime, I'm working toward a management job with my current company. I recently obtained an AS in General Studies, and I'm planning on pursuing a baccalaureate in either something related to theology and Christian apologetics, or writing. I need to be pursuing a bachelor's degree in something in order to be eligible for the management position I'm also seeking at work, so that adds a bit of motivation to follow through with things that I want to do anyway.
I have a heart for ministry, but I'm currently not involved in any formal outreach. I'm more focused on being intentional with the relationships that I currently have. At my work, everyone knows that I represent Christ from a traditional, evangelical and albeit biblical perspective. I have LOTS of conversations that HR would not be comfortable with, were they to ever hear of it. People tend to feel pretty comfortable talking with me about deeply personal things. I'm a bit of a "den dad", if you will, or perhaps a sort of older brother, to several people I work with. But they're also aware that I have a pinch of crazy in me. The good kind of crazy, if there is such a thing. ;)
I support three children through Compassion International, so far. I plan to support more.
First Date
Coffee and conversation. A walk might be nice, if weather allows. I like to be spontaneous, but not so much on a first date. If things appear to be going somewhere between us, after a few dates, I'll probably whisk you away for an adventure now and then. Be prepared. ;)
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