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Updated 2/1/23
Just a crazy lil Christian that walks the path God put out for me. 
A bit about me.
My idea of fun is going on random adventures with friends and family. ^^ I also like doing tai chi, meditating, and practicing martial arts. I love to garden and grow things. Much like a hobbit I am very reclusive in nature. Somedays I find it very hard to talk to anyone. I'm not shy just can't find any words to say.
Rescuing animals particularly cats and kittens is one of the things I'm called to do. Serously God puts them before me at the right place and right time.
Also I have zero motherly instinct in me and I'm cool with that. I know for sure I don't want children of any kind either biologically or adopted. I'm actually sterilized which is such a blessing and has really help my health out. ^^

Its really hard for me find type of guy whos interest that mesh well with me. I'm hoping to find a guy thats into the martial arts mindset too. For him being bit of a survivalist and minimalist. He would have to be kind to Gods creatures and help them out when they need it. Does not want kids in anyway. Likes his own space and well is ok with others being in his life too. I have a best friend thats more like a twin sister and family (parents and brothers.) I'm not gonna boot them to the side and I don't expect a guy to do that to his loved ones either...because to me thats not a good character quality. Andof course he has to love the Lord and live right.
So I'm looking for a non smoothering partnership with to fellow warrior in Christ.
Yeah kinda impossible to find now a days.
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