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Sacramento church of Christ!
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Sunday school and working with the disabled people.
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I was not raised in a church when I was young! I found God when I was 20. Did not have the understanding of him until about a year! I had a lot of misunderstanding about God. One of them is I can’t tell God when I not on happy also the true meaning of love! That was about him and friendship love will they be there for me good times and bad.I am looking for a guy to go out with read the Bible! I do not read the king James Bible or the new king James Bible because it is so difficult because I’ve learned disability so if that’s what you think I should read it. We are good not make no more than a friendship! l also looking for pen pals become pen pals are just good friends. ™m looking for someone to open up the Bible when I having a bad day are you are having a bad day. I love the outdoors, swimming and walking! I am open to a prayer walk! Meet at a restaurant and talk about the Bible! I would like to get married someday. So also looking for love.. As you san see Robin Hood: Prince of thieves is one of my favorite movies ! The other one is frozen. Yes I love Disney movies and I I am guilty of it. I also like movies Action movies. Bruce action movies. Bruce Willi,Arnold Schwarzenegger, Harrison Ford and others I cannot think of! What I’m also guilty of is country music as you can see from my photos I didnot have room to put all my country music stars on My profile. So I will tell you and Marie Mark Chestnutand other from the 60s - 80s country music! my favorite country singer who sings gospel is Alan Jackson. He seems like he meant it. When I listen to I want to stroll over heaven with you when he sings it I just close my eyes and see Jesus! I also I also like Michael W Smith! I like to find a guy in the United State! Also if your in the USA I like to encourage you with a old fashioned snail mail letter. I love being pen pals with someone on here. I got the paper, pencil and stamps. Now all I need is your address. I open to make friends with all people but if it come to more then friendship I looking for someone that my age 35-50. I am old fashion woman so I rather talk on the phone then text. I am looking for some long long-term relationship with marriage!
First Date
On the first day I’m more of a picnic restaurant and then go in for prayer walk getting to know one another. I’m not a big fan of movies on the first date! One thing I’d be kind of cool is having a picnic and going through The Bible and telling each other what scriptures they like! I have two dogs that I would love to take and do things with.
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