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Biblical Teacher, Counselor, Head Coach, Musician, Artisan, and Public Speaker.
Long-term friendship with a woman who fears God and loves Jesus. Family, Marriage, Ministry, Music, Counselor, Coaching, Teaching, Helping others, Spiritual Leadership, Drummer, and Parenthood.👫👶
About Me
My dear sister: Blessings in the strong name of Jesus Christ.

In rehab counseling I have learned that the two most important days of our lives are: 1) The day we were born and 2) The day we find out why. Likewise; the two most important decisions we would ever make on this earth springs from answering these two questions correctly: 1) Who are we going to accept as our Lord and Savior? (Jesus Christ is the answer!) and 2) Who are we going to marry for the rest of our lives?
I understand and trust that God is the Only One whom is going to bring the right woman for my life (Genesis. 2:22). And that's why I'm here, because I believe that:...He who ''FINDS'' a wife ''FINDS'' what is good, and receives favor from the Lord (Prov.18:22).
Furthermore, I also understand that Jesus Christ is the only ...way, the ''TRUTH'' and the life (John. 14:6), and that the truth have the power to set ''anyone'' FREE.... And free indeed (John.8:32,36).
Therefore, because I wanna honor God and yourself; is paramount for me to be clear from the beginning. I don't wanna waste your time neither waste mine. I'm not a common man for various reasons, and I'm not trying to sell myself. I rather prefer to be hated for whom I ''used'' to be than being loved for what I'm not.
I have being incarcerated for the past 21 years and that is the truth for the moment (The frog!)
If you can bypass this, my temporary frog (NOT AN EASY TASK) then you're more than welcome to text me anytime you want. Otherwise, God bless you.
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Funny Nugget:
Two of my job assignments in prison are coach and a full time mentor.

Thus, In football we have learned that a short pass offense can take us a long way. You rarely see a great team winning a championship by continuously throwing the ""long bomb"". The best offenses ever has been those which control the time of possession by running/throwing the ball ""LITTLE BY LITTLE"".
MY POINT: I do understand most women on this page are looking for winning THE CHAMPIONSHIP ( i.e: finding THE ONE), but "WE" can't do it by throwing the long pass every down WE play!! Only two things are going to happen if WE do that: We are either going to get intercepted or best case scenerio, is going to be a pass incomplete. Either way our team lose the game.
Our goal is to win the championship (Wife, Marriage); but the way is paved by throwing short passes (Knowing each other thru friendship), THAT WAY you will know if I'm the right quarterback (Husband) who would take your franchise (WIFE, FAMILY) to WIN IT ALL.... GOD bless you. LOL.
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