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Romance, Love, Holding Hands, Humor - esp British, Music - except rap/opera, Dancing, Animals, Film, Theater, Art, Camping/Outdoor Activities etc, Walking, Cycling, Recycling, Health, News, Computers, Photography, TV - except most sports, Tongue Fu
About Me
As a reasonably flat-gutted, non smoking (36 years as of the last Good Friday), non snoring (as I've always been told), non drinking (maybe a light social drinker if toasting the bride or something similar counts), university graduate, who is an almost always prompt, emotionally & financially secure (some conditions apply) & an unrepentant toilet-seat putter-downer, I'm an easy going person, especially since I'm not addicted to anything - except love & romance, which hopefully will be with *YOU* ... yes, I mean *YOU*

After we correspond 1st, then talk & meet, hopefully you'll agree, my lifestyle, which includes healthy eating & brisk walking or cycling, has resulted in a positive, yet realistic outlook on life, along with a passionate nature, which will not be satisfied until I find `THE 1' - who I hope would be *YOU* & with me forever :-)

Indeed, having confidence I'll meet the woman who turns out to be `THE 1', I know it would be no trouble for me to be happily monogamous - especially if you're as passionate & affectionate as I like to be

So, what will you look like?

Quite frankly, while I would tend to favor a lady from her 40s to her 50s or 60s, who by taking care of herself, might look much younger than her chronological/`real' age, is likely (but not limited to being) on the thinner side & is a non-butt sucking smoker (or who has struggled to quit & may need a whole new approach) - because a non-butt sucking woman strongly shows she knows how nicotine & all those ridiculous additives, makes for a definite health & aging disadvantage

Consequently, because I know a non butt sucker is more likely to look after herself & can use her brain for something other than making sure she knows where her next butt is coming-from - or keeps on making-up &/or believing in useless excuses to continue her annoyingly terrible & smelly addiction, it's why I'm definitely more attracted to a non smoker, can you blame me?

Anyway, as a former, though 100% confirmed non-butt sucker, since before Tricky Dik resigned, I love to help people who say they're thinking about quitting & I think my unique approach (to what some consider a touchy subject), will work, because it has thankfully yielded its successes

I consider inventiveness part of my makeup - as I love to come up with alternative solutions to various vexing problems

You will almost certainly NEVER find me watching anything like regular season sports on tv - or even more ridiculously, in person, *alone* at a stadium, although there is something to be said to sharing a blanket in the cold - - Indeed, you will almost certainly never see me sitting on the couch, while watching regular season hockey, football, basketball or golf

OK, I might take a few peeks at the World Series or the Grey Cup/Superbowl or the Stanley Cup, but it's more of a celebration of the end of their seasons & an example of who will survive a contest between the proven 2 best teams :-)

While I used to be 5'9" with a full crop of thick, dark curly hair, time has taken its usual toll, so I've shrunk around an inch & my hair has turned much thinner towards what is often termed the `monk spot', so it is almost totally dark gray & become MUCH straighter over the last few years :-(

Actually, I still think of myself as my much younger self (doesn't nearly everybody?) & am still coming to grips with how I, along with everybody who are confronted by their aging, but inexorably continuing down the same path

Speaking about being younger, I lived with a young woman for nearly 20 years, but at some point she wanted kids, so I did my part & voila, now the boy is taller than me, a God fearing young man of 16 & my beautiful little girl is going to be 14 this fall

However since their mother & I no longer live together & haven't for a few years, they live with her

Still, I try to call my kids at least every day & see them at least once a week - especially since my son's life made a 180 degree turnaround when he very strongly took to going to church & has been coming with me for well over a year - - Indeed, we both got baptized on the same day & I'm continually amazed at the unique things my son keeps discovering in the Bible :-)

What else can I write? - - I grew up in a very nice part of Vancouver, going to school with a future Prime Minister & somebody else who became the current 2 term Mayor of Richmond - while my brother-in-law for the last 35+ years, is currently a BC Supreme Court Justice

I'm patient & full of faith by nature, especially when waiting for something I know will come - with an ever present sense of humor, especially regarding what I consider ridiculous & deserving of having fun made of it (see what I was reluctant to admit below)

I'm also old school when it comes to holding doors open or dining room chairs for a lady

Finally, priority is given to *YOU*, the perceptive, caring & considerate lady, who knows when to take the initiative & write me 1st, as *YOU WILL* be answered

Hopefully *YOU* are `THE 1', so we *WE MEET SOON* & fall in love - as it's where I want *US* to be *FOREVER*
First Date
This is where it gets tricky, since the 1st real `date' probably will have to happen after the 1st meeting, which could be anything, from a simple coffee or ice cream cone to meeting in daylight at a public place, such as a mall or a park

Now while we 1st meet, if neither of us feel a potential or actual spark, to the point where we don't arrange a 2nd meeting there, then we both know there likely won't be a 2nd meeting, right?

If on the other hand, we do arrange a 2nd meeting at the 1st meeting, BINGO, it indicates the presence of at least a potential spark, doesn't it & who knows what could happen then?

Maybe later we could decide if the 2nd meeting would either be the 1st or 2nd `date', depending on how we decide how we want to number it
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