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Hello Ladies. Just know up front, I don't put anything before my service and love for the Lord as Matthew 22:37 commanded. I don't put money, politics, culture, class, socialism, or materialism before the Lord. As for myself, DON'T WANT A CUSTOMIZED RELATIONSHIP. JUST BE YOURSELF ! I don't see people for what they are not, I see people for what they are. I am kinda old fashion guy who loves the outdoors and prefers a old fashion lady who likes what I like. We can enjoy a simple, humble, honest, serious relationship. I am looking for a loving lady not just a friend. A lady that can be there when I need someone to talk to. Looking for a woman who won't pretend. A woman who's not afraid to say how she feels about me. I'm looking for a lady who understands how I feel and can keep it real. I'm looking for a woman who can take us there ( intimacy ) wants to share and shows she cares. Could you be the lady I need, The wife for me? Is it you? Maybe your the one I been waiting for. I'm looking for a lady to heal my pain. Looking for a woman who can run to me when she needs comfort . I need a woman who's heart is right. Is it you? Is it you? Maybe your the one I been waiting for. More about me is fine. I'm single, never married. Up front : I DON'T BELIEVE IN DIVORCE ! Scriptures say Only if she is cheating can a man divorce his wife. . Let me tell you my story. It is simple but bold. I was raised in the church but came to believe for myself in 1991. God spoke to me in dreams and I accepted the Lord for myself and began to study the bible and world history. I have had a close relationship with God all my life and given my life to him and his work. I was raised Pentecostal and still believe in it's purpose. However, I have become more orthodox and have come to be what the world knows as a Nazarene the way , first century Christianity. I believe in what the church calls Jewish Christianity. I am not afraid or ashamed to honor and embrace what is Jewish. Christianity is Jewish. For the scriptures tell us in John 4:22 - " You Sumerians worship what you don't know, we worship that we do know, for SALVATION IS FROM THE JEWS" . Revelation 7:4 " I heard how many were marked with the seal of God - 144,000 were sealed from all the tribes of Israel. You see, the Lord has not left his people. God promised in the Book of Revelation to restore the 12 tribes of his people in the future. I grew up in the Pentecostal church and still uphold it's purposes. However, the Lord has asked me to become what he and his first followers were and that is a Nazarene. Jesus & Peter were NOT Roman. Catholicism did not exist until 323 years after Jesus. In addition to my life story & testimony, I have spent most of my adult life researching and discovering a more in depth version of the gospel beyond the modern traditional teachings of the church. History is my favorite subject. I have learned much about biblical history itself. I have learned there really is 88 books (gospels) of the complete bible and they were taken out on purpose. Now there is only 66 books. After reading these lost stories Which the church calls the Apocrypha, I learned about the true history of the bible itself. The Torah, Septuagint, the Vulgate, and the canonical King James Version. Now these lost gospels are in my life forever. My favorite is the book of Enoch and Maccabees. Researching history has taught me to be an individual and use critical thinking. In other words, decide for yourself. Don't let others decide for you what is and what is not God or Christian. Since I became saved in 1991, I have also had heavenly interventions in my life, miracles. When things were impossible became possible and then fulfilled by prayer, hope and faith. I hope to share all these experiences with family, friends, and the one I will marry, whoever she is. I have strong beliefs concerning relationships and marriage. Friends first is my rule because it will provide assurance of where this connection is going and proof that a relationship is possible. Once a great friendship makes a good relationship, the real possibility of marriage will be more clearly seen. Here is some more info about me. My favorite foods are Mexican, American, Italian, Chinese, and some sea foods. I like to barbecue in the summer and go camping where ever and when ever. I enjoy swimming, hiking, fishing, and everything of the outdoors. I also enjoy playing volleyball , basketball, football, bowling, golf, baseball, darts, cards, and some video games. I really am into learning survival skills such as emergency medical training, first aid, storing non-perishable foods, clean water, back up energy sources, and anything to know about surviving emergency situations. I am also into self-defense training . My favorite exercise is Shadow boxing. On my softer side, Anyone who knows me will tell you I love to research Biblical topics and world history. More about me: I am Native American and French. I have researched my heritage and very proud of what and who I am. My life goals are to finish college, travel, write my story series ( If you want to know more about this, just ask me ) Open my own business and get married. I am very family oriented and ready for the responsibilities of being a good husband. I find dating very exciting and can be very creative in romance. I hope to meet a woman who loves god as much as I do and is ready to serve him on all levels. I like women who are serious about God, the bible, church, being conservative, compassionate and giving, responsible, loyal, honest, understanding, loving and exciting. Please don't be REALITY Blind, I don't have time anymore for the gullible fools who believe anything and everything people tell them. You Must have a sense of humor, because I can make people laugh. I never wish for material things, never need a perfect lady in my dreams, I never wished for anything but a real believing woman. So please, only serious ladies can message me. I have no time for fakes, scammers, and those who play games. If you want to know me or more about me, send a message my way.
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I enjoy many things when going out. Here is my suggestions. Any type of dining anywhere. Restaurants, Cafes, coffee shops, movies, music shows, museums, the mall , or a walk around town. I let her decide.
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