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singing, dancing, long walks, bike rides, reading, doing nothing, musuems, conversation...
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Retired government worker restarting life in another country. Enjoying nursing school, but wondering about her choices... is there more out there? Classmates are mostly just out of high school, so... feeling like lacking someone I can talk to...

Raised by non-practicing Jews... came to Messiah just out of high school. I've attended various places over the years (Messianic, Baptist, AoG, SDA, Lutheran, DoC, Non-Dem, etc. etc. Just depends as I moved around how the 'dynamics' of the places I visited felt... sense of if God was present there). I find theological discussions interesting at times, but the practical application in loving service to real people is what, i guess, is a distinguishing factor... love in action.

In prayer i cry more than i speak... life can be hard, but God loves. and the words maybe don't matter so much.-- i've had a lot of good memories so far, but as things have turned out, sometimes the good is more pain than the bad...

What am I looking for? umm... idk... I guess I'll know when I find?? I've lived long enough to know what I don't want... and to know what promises and visions not to believe. But I can still be hopeful...

I do hope to finish nursing school and work as a nurse wherever i wind up living. most of my children are adults, so as much as my adopted home country would be a nice place to live... i could be convinced to try something new. (some of them might also move abroad at some point... for similar reasons).

um... oh yeah... the interests above... well, it makes me happy to work someplace that has a good feeling of friendship of the workers... and i draw a lot of sense of peace from being in a loving congregation (no real denominational preference, even if i love the messianic music). but i also like to go to dance places - love to dance and do karaoke... with only a drink or two i don't see the contradictions... life is about how you view God both from the pew and the dance floor... and how you treat the fellow congregant and the person dancing across from you and behind you (who keeps running into you lol). I love to be out and about... on bike, on foot. whether in nature, malls, museums... wherever... i like to spend part of the day in motion and mentally engaged. But also to rest the evening in someone's arms watching something or nothing at all. simple life...

please click on the pictures to see them look normal (and not distorted)

saving the best for last? back as someone who was just starting to play guitar in 1990s, I brought my guitar with me to this messianic synagogue I was visiting... it was their last service for their current guitarist, so they were looking for someone. the other guitarist 'auditioned me' afterwards and decided to give me a chance, despite that I had been playing maybe two months... that started a run of some 18 years of playing guitar (and eventually also singing) at various churches and synagogues over the next 18 years. good spiritual music is like water for the soul, and I was fortunate to be able to help, but also the practices with others and alone were also such blessings... i found also that if my children were unsettled that if i practiced then things would invariably calm down (vienna teng to put them down for naps and the night, spiritual music to calm the nerves :) ).

obtw… parents are getting older... have thoughts about going back to America to take care of them at some point not so long in future... or at least to be in easier travel distance... so if you're in the USA... well... hmmm....

Oh, hadn't thought of this. US citizen, and also permanent resident of European Union.

aaand,.. I live in a very small city with very little Christian life in it (my home church is back in Espoo)… so i'm interested in making friends as well... so don't be afraid to write me... it doesn't need to lead anything more than friendship :)

i am serious about my faith, so not interested in having a relationship with a muslim... sorry.

Haven't checked here in months due to a long-distance interaction I had that sadly didn't work out. (I only talk to one person at a time.) Seems that not much happened while I was gone :P lol.
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anything where i can get a sense of the person.. some conversation but also to see the essence of you...
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