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God, Jesus, the Bible, people close to me, others, worship music, talking with other people and spreading the gospel, and much more.
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I'm an honest, respectful, chill, laid back, cool all around kind of guy. I also believe in integrity and being truthful with oneself and others as well. I also believe humor is good,to laugh is good and having fun is good too.

I also believe in the way that God designed marriage. I believe marriage should between one man and one woman being together. I admit it would be nice to find someone to love and be there with and possibly get married to and we worship God together. I'm also open to having kids and raising godly kids together with the woman that I am with. I am down to be a family man that is led by God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

Additionally I love kids. They are cool and awesome. I do have a niece and nephew. I see things different because of them am open to possibly having kids. I do teach them things when I see them. I try to be a cool uncle to them.

Also, I would like to be a light in dark places. I would like to be a light according to Matthew 5:13-16. I would like to spread the good news to others. I see I was told I am called to be an evangelist. I am open to evangelism and being a traveling preacher. I would like to preach possibly and share things in love while being truthful to others. As far as being a pastor, I'm not sure about but am open to it. I see it is not easy being a pastor of a church due to the politics that go on within the church and other things going on inside the church. If I was, I see I would like to reach nonbelievers more and possibly lead them to God. I have witnessed to two people in the past before in person where the Holy Spirit told me to go over and talk to them. I admit one person I witnessed to them and they asked me where is my church and I told them I don't have a church. I admit that was in my early thirties when I witnessed to them. I see I got to reconnect back with that me in my early thirties when I was on fire for God.

I also believe in what God says about prosperity within the Bible. I don't believe in the prosperity gospel though which is taught in major denominations which I won't name and the pastors but I prat for them and hope they are really right with the Lord. I would rather teach about prosperity and money the way how God and Jesus talked about it within the Bible. Though I say this, I do believe what Jesus taught in Matthew 6:24. I admit with this verse, I have come to understand what Jesus was teaching in a way but I'm still learning.I have come to trust in God and love God over mammon/money. I'm about doing life His way.

Morever, I believe in the power of prayer. I see sometimes the Holy Spirit tells me to pray in which I do pray. I pray often. I see God does answer prayers. I believe one's heart has to be right with Him though.

I do believe God is good. I believe life is all about living for God and Jesus Christ. God is at the center of my life right now. He is my rock and my foundation. I see life is all about Him and loving other people too.

Jesus is a hundred percent right about everything He said. I see everything that Jesus said is true. His words are becoming very clear to me. I was once blind at one point in my life but now I see.

I believe also in being led by the Holy Spirit. I see right now I'm all about living a life that is controlled by the Holy Spirit influencing my mind and my heart. I would rather live this way instead of my mind and heart being influenced by my old nature and controlled by my flesh. I see though I say this, there is a battle within my mind and heart going on where my old nature wants to be back in control of my life but I fight against my flesh and my old nature daily. I trust in God to guide me daily by His Holy Spirit in helping me to become an overcomer in areas where I struggle with and where the enemy and his demons try to tempt me in.

I also am aware of the battle about spiritual warfare that the apostle Paul talks about in Ephesians 6:12. I'm glad learned theology when I was young from different people and I asked alot of questions too which has helped me to understand who is Jesus. I see the apostle Paul was spot on in everything he said. I see this faith walk is not easy at times, but I see it is possibly to overcome the world like Jesus overcame the world with God's help. I'm just trying to walk by faith now and not by sight. If I followed my sight, I would have given up but now walking by faith and trusting God I see things are becoming much clearer.

I also believe in obeying God and His Word. I admit God definitely taught me things in the area of obedience. I don't believe in disobeying God anymore like I did before I was 30. I was ignorant and didn't know things spiritually back then and I didnt know about what can happen when one opens certain doors to things which shouldn't be open. I'm still learning but this spiritual realm is deep. I do learn from others and see learning as good am open to share things with others too which I have learned. I see following God and obeying His Word is definitely a must and is good and can definitely help in preventing and protecting one.

Lastly, I'm looking for a godly woman. I'm just looking for a cool all round woman that loves God, Jesus and has the Holy Spirit leading her life and loves others as well and believes in living for God and Jesus and sharing the good news to other people as well. I'm ok with being just friends with others too only and being a friend. I'm willing to get to know someone and build a friendship with them and just see where things go, whether just friendship only or more.
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