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I am a Christian man, and far from perfect. I understand that was the point in Jesus's sacrifice. Every single one of us falls short and the new testament for us we are no longer prisoners of sin, and we need to fix our eyes on God, have faith in Jesus, and accept His gift. I still sometimes swear, lust, and get angry with others. The reason I'm saying this is because I've noticed sometimes Christians feel the need to hide their sin because they're so ashamed. To me, it's more disappointing seeing a Christian hide who they are, only to see their flaws come through after you thought you knew them already. God Himself said we are broken. We can't be ashamed by this. Please understand I do NOT use this as an excuse to sin. Just because God forgives us, it does not make it okay to sin. It just means we are no longer separated from God and our future is secure because of Jesus's sacrifice. But none of this changes the fact that I believe the true heart of a Christian should hate sin and want to turn from it. But when we slip, thank God we are still saved. We just need to deal with the remorse and guilt of that sin. God doesn't need to punish for sin. Sin itself has that covered.

I'm a customer service manager in sales. it was never my ideal job, but God made it ideal for personal growth I didn't think I was ready for. When I'm not at work, my main hobby is power training. I'm a certified personal trainer as well. I never had much desire to be an actual trainer. I just wanted to be certified for the love of the craft and God kept putting it in my heart to become certified. There's definitely a reason for it. I just don't know what yet lol. In my spare time I like to lay low, read, and play video games. I haven't drank in 10 years, so my partying days are long behind me.
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