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Theology/God, Bible, Health, Running, Hiking, Games, Board Games(checkers, etc), Humor, Psychology, Understanding People, Self-Improvement, Maybe You :)
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[My real name is Daniel Bowden]
I am interested in marriage. I think what would feel most natural for me would be basically talking like friends or possibly becoming friends while being comfortable in discussing our beliefs on marriage or so on. I see the goal of dating as getting to know the other person, their values, their personality, and their aspirations.

I am seeking a Christian wife with a kind heart. A woman who is compassionate towards people and animals. I would like her to desire an increasing relationship with God. I am seeking a wife who sees marriage as a covenant with God and her husband.

If I express interest in you, you might be the type of woman who I am
looking for! :)

I want to know a little about a woman's values, character, and interests before allowing myself to be interested.

I don't know how funny I am to most people, but people do often laugh at my humor, and I joke around and I like comedy(I enjoy all kinds of humor like absurd humor, dry humor, slapstick, etc. I like a lot of british humor).

I am very difficult to offend and quick to forgive.
I am living proof that there is such a thing as thinking too much. :)
I am optimistic and I assert that it is perfectly realistic.
I value and seek truth.
Dang, describing myself is more difficult than I thought it would be... Uh, I like to hike and laugh! ;) lol

I am pretty philosophically minded. My philosophy based on my Biblical/christian worldview and I try to live by my values. I value my sense of integrity or my conscience and consider it an important factor in living a happy satisfying life.

I have a mixture of different Christian influences. I am a convinced lifelong Christian who values my faith and I want to learn to be more and more devoted to God. I think the influence that stands out the most(other than God, the apostles and prophets or authors of Bible) is the writer/preacher George MacDonald since he has inspired me to see the zealous love and fatherliness of God and how God will not abandon anyone, nor will He accept anything less than our greatest good. I am convinced that the teachings of Jesus and the Bible are true and authoritative.

Colossians 1 (The chapter where I became convinced that Jesus was God, which was a moment that changed my life and radically changed my relationship with God!)

Philippians 2:5-11 (the loving valor and awesomeness of Jesus)

Psalm 22 (Psalm 22 is a song that Jesus was making reference to on the cross, it is possible that Jesus spoke or sang the full song, but He at least quotes the starting and finishing line. The song begins with a sense of despair or forsakenness but turns around into a powerful declaration of hope and victory and the faithfulness of God, that God does not truly forsake anyone, even when people feel forsaken.)

1 Corinthians 1:17-31

Some of my favorite ways of spending my extra time in no particular order is going on walks and runs, doing exercises at home, watching comedy shows/movies, watching YouTube videos(generally related to learning, comedy, intellectual curiosity, self-improvement,... or cat videos lol) or listening to audio-books on my walks. I really like running with some music.

I like different kinds of exercise, not just running/walking/hiking. I like learning about things that I think will pay off practically(whether it is little stuff like a recipe or something more important like nutrition).

I like board games or other games that are competitive and or funny.

I enjoy other things too and would be open to new hobbies/activities, especially with a friend or loved one.

Some specific Christian singers or bands that I like are "Christian Mission Music", "Mighty Clouds of Joy", Scott Seabock, Amy Grant, and Sandi Patty(especially "Crown Him With Many Crowns")

I love some of the more vigorous "Christmas music" throughout the year like 'Joy to the World', 'Joyful Joyful' and the 'Hallelujah Chorus'! I love music that emphasizes the majesty and or the self-sacrificing love of God. I have different favorite songs for different times and moods. I really like modern versions of hymns, especially rock versions, but I have just got into that after discovering the "Rock Power Praise" albums.

Some other hymns I like off of the top of my head are
'There is a green hill far away',
'There Is Power in the Blood',
'What a Friend We Have in Jesus',
'Be Thou My Vision',
'Great Is Thy Faithfulness',
'Man of Sorrows',
'Count Your Blessings',
'We're Marching to Zion',
'A Mighty Fortress is our God'
'He Lives'

I am doing delivery work with Doordash and I also sometimes mow lawns, which was my previous occupation. Ideally, I want to remain my own boss or a free contractor. I don't plan on being a food delivery worker for life, but I love the flexibility of DoorDash, listening to music as I drive around, and having total control over my hours. Whatever I do, I want to be providing a good quality service and I would like to serve others charitably in some way.

I want to live a life in service to God. My idea of success is living for God by growing spiritually and serving and building up people. The way to serve God is by serving people. I'm about as spoiled as the average American and I'm not expecting to live some austere lifestyle, but my ultimate goal is to be loving to others and serve God.
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I am open to ideas but going on a walk or going to a place like Panera Bread are two specific ideas that I like off the top of my head.
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