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Single, never married, stayed abstinent, seeks same (more on this in the last question). I'm looking for someone with a solid faith, and who walks in joy, kindness, and love for the Lord. I hope to find someone who I can connect with intellectually.. must also be extremely wealthy...kidding :) I would like a relationship where our love for each other displays God's love and light to the world, where we can support each other in ministry (either full time or serving in the local church and being hospitable to others), and where God can accomplish more through us together than apart. I have a desire to explore the depth of friendship and romantic love that a marriage relationship can be, but Christ is to be loved first, and perfect love for my spouse and everyone else will flow out of that.

I am definitely the thinker type, I like to analyze, keep up to date with various topics, and try to see not just the surface but the underlying. (INTJ on the Myers Briggs.) I think I have a well-rounded sense of humour - I like both dry/witty humour as well as the silly/ridiculous. I'm an introvert but a balanced one, I usually recharge in alone time, and enjoy being on my own, but I also appreciate chances to get together with friends, build spiritual community, entertain, and meet new people. God has grown me into a peace-maker, and someone who is strong in faith, patience, self control, and kindness, but of course I'm not perfect and have flaws that I struggle with too. I value openness and honesty, I'm turned off by gossip and selfishness.

I was blessed to have been raised in a Christian home although my faith only began to mean a lot to me in high school and beyond. I'm excited about drawing closer to God in quiet times, reading edifying books on spiritual Christian living, and developing as a worker/leader in my church. I'm always looking to grow in intimacy with Him and a moment-by-moment sensitivity to the Spirit. I've always found a lot of significance in Romans 8:28. And I've found Rom 10:5, 11:36 to be a very central and meaningful verses to Christian living. And there are quite a few others..

I would love to find someone who I could share some of my interests with. My interests are: Reading, hiking, watching movies, keeping up on scientific discoveries, creative writing, watching documentaries, running/working out, snowboarding, traveling overseas, computer games/VR, watching hockey, maintaining my doll house collection.. jk :) Obviously couples don't have to share all their interests but I'd love to share some of these with my spouse, and believe we can grow in pursuing each other's interests.
Some favorite books: LOTR, Out of the Silent Planet, The Brothers Karamazov, The Count of Monte Cristo, Jane Eyre, The Bourne Identity, Mere Christianity, The Normal Christian Life, The Heavenly Man, The Rest of the Gospel, A Severe Mercy, A Brief History of Time, Why the Universe is the Way it is.

I'm trained as a technical writer, currently a contractor writing technical manuals and developing training modules. I feel I'm gifted in writing and have an ability to explain complex principles to people, so on top of writing for work, I also like to write apologetics pieces (visit to read some articles I've written). But I also have an aspect to me that longs to design and create, so I'm pursuing the art of writing screenplays (currently taking a 12 month program at Vancouver Film School as of Aug 2023). I've now written 4 feature-length screenplays and several short film scripts - I think God wants gifted Christian artists in the mainstream, so I plan to progress in this field, and keep pitching what I write. I find the creative writing process really enjoyable and meaningful!

I went to a Christian school in Calgary for most of my elementary and high school. I have completed a Diploma of Biblical Studies at Steinbach Bible College. I have also done some short term Bible School at Capernwray in Quebec and a few years of university here in Calgary. My applied degree program was at Mount Royal. I would like to find someone who has studied the Bible in school or in their personal time.

I was born in Manitoba, but lived most of my life in Alberta. I've visited New Zealand, Thailand, Australia, Indonesia, Hawaii, Mexico, the Caribbean, Italy, and the UK. I've also spent a year teaching English in Taiwan and loved it. My ideal adventure is traveling anywhere with the ideal person. :) Anybody out there read The Mystery of Marriage by Mike Mason? It would be amazing to have a marriage as this book describes it.. I think it would be one of God's greatest adventures.

I am looking for a best friend and someone who is up for all that the unique adventure that marriage holds. Someone who can appreciate my gifts and support me in them, and I theirs. I have made various mistakes with my eyes and with physical contact in relationships in the past but I have kept myself for my spouse (stayed abstinent thus far in my life) and I'm looking for someone that can say the same. This desire is not about judgement, or thinking that God doesn't restore after mistakes, He does, rather this is just a personal desire to experience the joy of discovery with my future spouse. I don't necessarily see this as a permanent desire, at any time, when I meet someone who resonates with me, I may find that I no longer have this desire, for now it is what it is, but it is in God's hands. I believe that God intends a husband to be the head of the marriage, sacrificially, for the best of the spouse and the marriage, leveraging his wife's wisdom and seeking to maximize her God-given purpose, for the glory of the ultimate "head", Christ, and I'm looking someone who sees marriage the same way. A local match would be great but I am open to long-distance - it's all about finding the right compatibility.

If you come from a Catholic or Orthodox background, I need be very up front and ask that you answer a few questions about your faith first (I know there are many sincere Catholics/Orthodox with genuine faith, however it is also possible to be sincerely misinformed.) Firstly, how do you view that a person becomes saved? Secondly, after becoming saved, how do you understand that a believer is meant to experience that salvation? Finally, do you take church structure or the scriptures to be the highest doctrine? If we end up differing in these views, I would be happy to chat further about how we can know and trust God's work of salvation and the framework of the church, if you would be interested. Either way, I wish God's best for you :)

I snore, so a heavy sleeper would probably be better for me.

Please don't take it personally if I don't reply to your message - just know that I appreciate each message I receive, even if I don't feel we're a match, thank you :) May God bless you in your search!
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