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MY PERSONALITY: As for my personality I am a fairly driven, serious, passionate peep, yet seek to walk in Christ exercising gentleness-respectfulness. Yet at the same will often joke around with co-workers to have fun-lighten things up. When I am comfortable around you is when you will most likely see the goofy fun side come out. I am probably more introverted versus extrovert, as I do need some solitude to refuel at times. People think often I am totally extroverted but this is really not the case. The Lord has just shown me over the years regardless of how we are wired, we are to extend ourselves in connecting with people and serving them = the heart of Christ. My Meyers Briggs results are ISTJ. A part of this I remembering not fitting me is the mentality 'if it is not broken it does not need to be fixed.' There is always room for growth and improvement in most things.

Is your thinking worldly or in alignment with God’s Word? If you measure success by how much money you have, degrees, or the amount of material stuff you have then I am not your guy. There is nothing wrong with those thing (I myself have a technical degree and bible college degree), but there is if they own your heart. Yet if you measure success by the value of friendships / relationships with others (being a blessing / serving / loving), by godly character (yet understanding none are perfect) and seeking to walk in obedience / relationship with the Lord then keep reading please.

MY INTERESTS: I attend church weekly and a home bible study. I volunteer in my church and seek to pray often for others. I pray my life makes a difference for Christ in the lives of those around me. I often wash my mind by reading Gods Word and bring matters to Him in prayer. I workout 4 to 5x a week. I also like to road bike sometimes for some cardio exercise. On weekends I usually watch a movie, exercise, read and study (personal growth material or sometimes work stuff), walk in local parks, etc. I would like to start hiking more as something I enjoy in getting out. I like to be active, but also like a day in the pajamas relaxing drinking something hot and reading or watching something on Netflix. I also looove the water! I used to surf when in Hawaii and Cali but now taking up paddle boarding in WA state.

DESIRES IN A COMPANION CHARACTER-FINANCES: A lady who also has a heart to live for the Lord Jesus Christ beyond just attending church. Has a heart to help others, and often seeks the Lord through reading the bible prayer. One who sees the value of some exercise and eating somewhat healthy. A lady that likes a weekend sometimes just relaxing at home together but definitely likes getting outdoors (walk-hike) as well. With all this said we are all flawed sinners, and so no I am not looking for an ideal perfect person as I am not one myself. Only Christ Himself can complete us and never fail us. I do seek to be a man who is faithful, responsible, integral, and honesty is HUGE in my book. I seek to be responsible with finances and have zero debt. I understand debt for a house or car and possibly some other exceptions I might not be thinking of here. Yet if your one who has a lot of debt due to unwise decision making and you are not responsible with the money you have, it will not work with us (do not want to inherit that). I learned a lot about finances through Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University quite a while ago.

POLITICAL VIEW: I am definitely conservative, so in gentleness but with honesty if you lean liberal we would not be a good match.

WHY ON THIS SITE: Not on here because I am seeking someone to complete me, as Gods word shows our hearts are complete in Christ (Colossians). Yet God Himself said it is not good for man to be alone. Desiring a best friend companion to walk side by side with and share this adventure of life bringing glory to Christ and enjoying what He has given us.

LASTLY (Bless your little heart if you made it this far! HA!): If at all you question if you want kids then I would not be your guy, as I had a vasectomy in past marriage due to past wife's medical condition. I am not on here a lot, so feel free to say hi and will respond if interested. If I do not respond am not interested, and not meaning to be rude.

Blessings! (Prov.3:5-6)
First Date
Something easy and basic. I think with online dating in really not knowing one at all in meeting, it is better to start on the basis of at least a brief friendship 1st. Meaning a walk, hike, cup off coffee. Just anywhere that is not filled with distractions and it is easy to talk and listen to each other.
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